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15, singer/musician, photographer, computer programmer and artist. I do online school. Joined this site 10/14/16.

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I'm new to this website, but I've been writing since I was about 7. I'm very good at grammar and can help if anyone needs an editor! I enjoy writing fantasy and drama, but I excel at opinion and informative pieces.

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PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2018

  June 24th, 2045, 5:38PM

    The sky was falling faster than usual today. This town was always rainy in the summer, but today was more bleak and damp than it should’ve been. The usual bright colors of June had been replaced with dull pastel greens and browns. Taupe clouds passed low across the silver sky. Limpid raindrops fell like a waterfall from overhead. The air felt and smelled the way basements of century-old houses do. Bird calls and the gentle...

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