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Let me tell you a story...

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Don't hesitate to critique my work - constructively, please;). Like my stories, my skills as a writer are a work in progress.

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Your eyes - 
the color of melting chocolate and a 
silent universe and
a newly burning star. 

Look at me.

10 Second Essays

A Few Truths

1) Truth is truth is truth is truth, no matter what they say.
2) Joy does not depend on personal happiness.
3) Feelings aren't the compass; they're the sea.


Are You Going?

She thought: I want to, it'd be fun... but people.

I'll just stay home... words are better company anyways.

But they want you to go with them.

Do they though - I don't think so.

Things to do... maybe next time.

Think of something to say!

They're sorry for you.

Eluetheromania, halcyon...Austen.

She said:


Flash Fiction Competition 2016

And So The Heartbreak Begins

He was desperate, she was falling. Need I say more?


Collected Wisdom

Write Your Mind

All I know is, the best stories I've read are the ones that left me gasping for air as a new world opened up before me. My favorite books are the ones that left me questioning my whole existence, the ones that I stayed up all night to finish, and then finally left me unable to fall asleep. Every writer has a wild, unique, slightly crazy mind. I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't be afraid to tell the weirdest, darkest, most different stories you have in that mind of yours. Those ones are always the best.


Disappearing Act

She was a strange girl, London. My first clue to this was that she lived in a city of the very same name. Looked to be in her early twenties, but you never could tell. In a careless moment ( or maybe she wanted to be found) she left her bag in the train station. This is what I found:

  • A great quantity of white make-up. 
  • A few pounds, barely enough for the fare. I couldn't resist slipping a few more coins in.
  • A tangled mess of red ribbons
  • A smudged black and white photograph of an underfed child holding a bundle of balloons
  • A short black stick. I immediately thought of a magic wand and irrationally wondered if I held the secret to her disappearing act.
  • In the very bottom: A crumpled and nearly illegible note; oddly, it seemed to be signed in my hand, and with my name.
That did it. I slung the bag over my shoulder and took...


Maybe One Day

Maybe one day I'll tell the story of...

  1. A girl who has to spend the summer in a small town. She's determined not to get attached, but things don't go quite as planned...
  2. A girl who is fed up with the pressure to be in a relationship and the constant dreaming about a boy who may never come her way, so she swears off love songs for the summer.
  3. A mysterious pale young woman who lurks in the alleyways and back streets of London.
  4. A boy who falls in love with a dryad.
  5. An apartment building full of crazy neighbors.
  6. A strange city and it's stranger inhabitants who take on a fight for truth itself.
  7. A pair of dragon twins.
  8. The day the earth stopped turning.
  9. A very odd library.
  10. Henry.
Yes, maybe one day all the stories in my head will get straightened out and told properly. But some of them may be sweeter as the wild incoherence of dreams...

One Sentence Story

Kindred Spirits

I caught his eye for the briefest moment - poetic souls always recognize one another.