Sunshine Rose Writer

United States

I have a thought process as rigorous as the most treacherous mountains in the world. Long car rides are my preferred setting for sitting down to write. I was born a writer, but I will die an author.

Message from Writer

On the days you feel as though the light is fading and will soon cease to shine, take my writing as your candle, and with it you can travel to the attic and uncover your lost and forgotten secrets.

Peer Reviews

Elizabeth Ryou

PROMPT: Polar Opposite

I was surprised about the informality in Tyler's kiss. It caught me off guard as it seems to have Elizabeth. This part in the story really made me slip into the character's shoes.

almost 6 years


PROMPT: Fantasy Writing Competition 2015


White Waves


I love your sense of imagery. This is a beautiful piece. I am drawn by the vivid description of the ocean; I felt drawn into the story as though I was standing on the rock, myself.

almost 6 years

It's Come for Daddy

PROMPT: Other Worldly


Collapse of Existence

PROMPT: Five Line Fiction

I really enjoyed this work. It was nice to read a writing piece that used such creative and descriptive content to tell its story.

almost 6 years