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Sam published:


PROMPT: Countdown

He spotted the small red glow and ran toward it. He couldn't fail again, like he had last time. He hoped to God he wasn't too late.

The time bomb was already ticking away. There were only six seconds left. Not enough time to deactivate.

He had failed again.

Time to run.

Three seconds.


over 3 years ago

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Sam published:


PROMPT: Truths and Untruths

 - I wish my hands weren't tied behind my back.

- I wish I wasn't standing in front of a brick wall. With those other fathers and brothers getting ready to point their guns at me.

- I wish I had never joined the army.

No. That's not true. If I could go back and do it again, I would do everything the same.

- No, I wish this war had never begun in the first place.

Then no one...

over 3 years ago

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over 3 years ago