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EAurora (United Kingdom) published:

At the Close

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

Arms that have so long been separate reach tentatively across space and link.

As the heavy door swings closes behind them for the last time, they glance once more at the small expanses of their world. The last remnants of 50 years litter the driveway: a box of appointment diaries filled in, a pressed wedding dress, 6 polished photographs.

In a few weeks the kindling of another family will swell these walls, which already strain at the seams with stories.

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EAurora (United Kingdom) published:

an invitation


dance with me
just for a second
shut your eyes and
feel my heartbeat
drink with me
lose your mind
laugh it all away

outside the window
the world is burning
gears of hatred are turning
no one is learning
hold my hand
just for a moment
let's tire of lying
watching news and crying
of slowly dying
sway with me
when everything's up
in flames
what is there to do but
hold close
feel life
meld hand to hot...

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EAurora (United Kingdom) published:

Truest Crime


After Olivia Gatwood

My father swallows crime drama through his chest into full stomach:
feet up, arms crossed, heart pounding, give me guns,
quirky dialogue , the killer stashed in a cell after an appropriate
number of victims, the body of a cruel man splayed like fine silk
across the hood of his stolen car
. Distant violence is its own kind of high.
But give him a story about the baker
who loves his wife and kids
and plays...
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