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Chapter 1
            Play by the rules, and nobody gets hurt. Play by the rules, and nobody gets hurt. The hated mantra echoed through my mind as I stared at my reflection in the cracked mirror. The girl that looked back at me was nothing out of the ordinary. My dark hair hung halfway down my back, and my blue eyes were hidden behind brown contacts, the brown colour marking me out as an agric citizen. I had turned sixteen two months ago, making me a fully-fledged adult in the eyes of the KPU. I also looked small for my age, making myself able to pass for a citizen of a younger year, such as the fourteens, or sometimes even the twelves. Years of malnourishment had taken a toll on my body, and the standard overalls hung loosely from my skinny frame, despite the alternations my mother was trying to make to the uniform. 
"You're just going to have to manage,"...