Published Work

Emotional Support Cats

Emotional support animals come in all sizes
From fluffy dog to furry feline
Cats have always been my favorite
ever since I was a little baby.

I grew up with two cats
Cleo and Frenchie
Both of which meant the world to me
years would pass and they both got ill at the drop of a hat

Cleo got cancer
while Frenchie ran away after getting ill
I missed how Frenchie was a little dancer
and Cleo's meows were little Trills 

They got me through the good and the bad
but deep down I know it was their time.

Seven years later, I live on my own
In a small apartment with two people I know
Rebecca is the sweetest person I know
Her boyfriend Nick is my video game buddy
Together, with their three cats, all of us are happy.

Two months ago I was thinking
Cats have always brought me happiness 
So I saw this ad while I...


Anxiety is only beautiful when you aren't a struggling actor waiting for an email from an agency that may never come
Not to say that anxiety is beautiful at all,
it's just less beautiful when you realize you have a choice between your dream job, and being a cam girl for the rest of your life.
It's difficult.
Have men objectify me as their dream girl because of a condition I cannot control
or voice in anime for the rest of my life.
I spent money on an acting school that I didn't have, and I am hellbent on not wasting it.
Sure big tits and a body that can't hold them up can make money.
But if I continue I'll never be truly happy.
My life is just starting and I can't read the future
but that only makes my mind blurrier. 
Surrounded by "what ifs" and "when"
Who knows if my success is just around the bend.


When one is a child
One is supposed to feel safe
within the walls, they were born into
but this is not always the case.

Sometimes it's mothers smoking
others it's daddy and his beer
but sometimes it neither parent
and they say "do not despair"

Sometimes we know them
other times we don't
Sometimes they say they're holy
they are, as much so as a goat

Sometimes hurting children is legal
as much as we dismay
but we all know something now that it's over
they will have to pay.

The government protects them
losing tax money to tithes 
vulgar is the man who says
"Mourning with you in this time"

Find the documentation
and make many arrests
put these takers of innocence of trial
and put them to the test

Murder is a crime
with no statute of limitations
it's crazy to think
that they say he has risen

If the Christian God exists
he denounces the church ...