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Writing & music is my means of catharsis
love photography, singing, and learning
Aspiring to be a person who can inspire, spread love and help those who are in need of solace
--> Be u ♡

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im rewriting or kinda rewriting my message since my other one was like probably boring.
but, anyways, thanks for stopping by and reading my writings!!
i really appreciate it <3
Also, if you ever wanna talk or need someone to listen, I'm here <3

-Words have POWER and can impact even the smallest of things.

-If you ever feel alone, find solace in writing and just pour. your. heart. out.

-Sometimes you have to let things go

-Things happen and that's life. At times, things you regret happening, in hindsight, have served you well, and other times, it just wasn't your path to take. But don't worry, everything will work out - stay strong and hopeful ♥

-Find and love yourself~ It'll be ok <3

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The feeling | phases


phase I.

i don't feel like doing anything-

        i've lost the energy,
                            the will, 
                                the love.

phase II.

all i do is sit in my chair-
    snuggled and hidden in my gray sweatshirt-
            laying my head on my desk,
                or lay, 
                        staring at nothing at all,
                            in my bed.

phase III.

       with arms draped over my head-

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With no love for a daughter that you once called "mine"


It could have been simple if you had only let it
It could have been easy if you only let me go

But no,
    you keep standing there, 
        sculpted like a human
            but only a stone heart underneath
                that pumps your illusion of blood-
watching me as you hand me over to the cannonball of death.

You look at my placid face,
    surprised when you see
        no reactions of...

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