United States

Published Work

Science Fiction Competition 2021


  The days morphed together and the sun beamed brighter and hotter in the sky. Each day felt the same. The agony was real and the suffering was more than any person could ever know. The world was under fire. A great depression was on them once more, but this time, it spread across all lands, making the rich uncomfortable, and most of the poor wound up dead. Man learned that they must depend on others for their needs, and that if they didn’t, all would perish, no matter the status. Often, if one walked alongside the sidewalks, children sat freezing against brick walls, mothers calmed their young as they refused milk, and fathers wandered the streets, begging for work. There seemed no hope for people across the globe. The worst of it had not even come and already half the population in some countries had vanished.
Ireland suffered greatly, so much so, that the graveyards had filled, and those...