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"A library is like an island in a vast sea of ignorance, particularly if the library is very tall and the surrounding area has been flooded." --Daniel Handler(?)

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." --Lemony Snicket

*~just a fellow writer screaming into the void~*

Yes, my profile picture changes A LOT. No, I will not apologize for it.

*is socially awkward for five minutes straight*

So, thanks for stopping by my bio. Have a lovely day! <3

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PokeyTay (United States) published:

From Ashes to Ashes


Before the day my life began

I was nothing

It wasn’t like I didn’t have friends

Or people who cared about me

But it somehow didn’t feel real

Like the world was made of ashes and

Anything I got too close to

Would crumble

And blow away

But then I met you

And you made me feel like maybe

Life was worth living

My crumbled world grew into

Something beautiful

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

Old, burnt out...

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PokeyTay (United States) published:

Heroes and Harmonies (Part One)


Willow strummed the guitar gently, sliding her fingers along the frets. The sunlight shone into her bedroom from the gaps in her blinds, illuminating her carpeted floor. The chords rang out in the silence, hanging in the air. Her voice accompanied the chords, smooth and lilting. She focused on keeping her tone light, refraining from laying on too much charm. After all, if she did, someone might get suspicious.
It was a silly notion, but Willow knew she couldn’t be...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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