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~Rejoice in the lord always I’ll say it again rejoice~

Message from Writer

Hi! I’m Samantha (Sam) I love horses, cats, reading, and of course…writing! I love poetry. I hope you guys like my poems and I hope they inspire you!

Published Work


I like to look out my window
For some odd reason

I watch the rain
It falls

Like someone crying
A million tears



Be yourself 
My mom tells me

Be yourself 
My family tells me

It is hard
Being myself

My quirkiness 
My Humor

I think about what it means 
To be myself

I think to myself
Embrace your gifts

Being yourself
Can be hard

But, everyone will love the real you


The words
The story
The feeling

Flowing through me
Like a wave of inspirational water
The love

The story comes naturally 
Like I can be my creative self
I will never stop


Horses are gentle creatures
They are different from all other animals
They are understanding

On their four legs
They appear to fly

I will never understand the mystery of horses
But, they understand me


My favorite kitten
You are perfect
Your brown fur

You are my furry friend
My Sox

All these words
This day

I love you Soxy


Your brown eyes sparkle
Your fuzzy head turns
On clutzy paws you run

You travel over hills
You never stop
An orange blur shining in the sunlight

Your gone, running to your hearts desire
My special Bentley
Run Free