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United States

"I am not complete," Edward Scissorhands.
Michael Scott is my savior.

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"Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information," Michael Scott. Your welcome.

Published Work

I love many things but you more, I think

The curve of her nose is delightful 
My nose is lumped and stitched 
The darkness of her hair is comforting 
My hair is dead from how many times I changed it 
The way her lips curl when she knows shes right 
I don't think I am ever right 
She is beautiful 
I do not know if this is love or jealousy 
I would love to spend the rest of my life with this beauty 
But is it because I so badly wish to be like her?

Yellow crop top

I think I have changed.
Its not like a flower blossoming
It isn't like a tree growing its leaves
For me
its different
I am like a pair of shoes
I come brand new
I change, yes
But not the way a flower does
It doesn't matter though
I know that even though I am dirty
Someone will still use me
Someone will still love me
Who even wants to be a flower anyway
They rot and then no one will ever want them
Shoes never die
Well, I guess they can
But that's only when you wear them out.


Just stop.

You were mine to love 
You were mine to lose 
You told me that you loved me 
You gave me permission to call you mine 
But why would you do that 
I thought that you would be mine forever 
we didn't sign the permanent papers but I thought we would still be forever 
I thought that we silently promised it 
I silently promised it 
You yelled that we were each others 
But I never heard you say that we were forever 
I said that we were forever so many times 
I said it under my breath every time I looked at you  
You never promised 
I thought you did but you didn't 
I hate that

Flash Fiction Competition 2021

Rings made of brass

The wedding vows now felt as smothering to the frail girl, as her tight-fitting wedding dress felt unflattering. “You do not make me happy,” she says to the love of her life and dismisses the intangible people from the brown, noisy pews. Romeo and Juliet lie in their nameless tombs intruding on her own meaning for the love she shares with the woman in the other wedding dress. “But you’re as good as it’s going to get,” she continues. “I hope you still believe in the love we share. Happiness and love must be two very different things.”

silent promises

No one really cares about you
They just care enough about themselves to know that they need someone like you
They need you to be there for them
They need someone who doesn't need anything in return
But we do need someone to care for us
we just don't say anything


"You know I love you" you say too many times
Why can't you just let me know again
Why renew this love countless times
I thought love was forever
Why should I remember when you can just tell me you love me again and again.

First This, Then That

Bride of Frankenstein

First, you told me that you would love to hold my hand and wander around the majestic trees that produce more of our love for us to breathe
Then you told me that our hands no longer fit into each other and that the now dull trees only produce the throbbing oxygen that I no longer want to breathe
First, you told me that you would let me fall into your arms as you would catch me from running into where the wild lilies sleep because you knew that they would bite
Then you said that you were tired of catching me and let the wild lilies bite until I was the one sleeping while the poison of your carelessness sang me to bed
First, you told me that you would love me forever and we would let the purple butterflies carry us deeper into the neverending hole of our love
Then you told me that you didn't want to...


I got a pearl that meant love
I lost it
I got this other one that meant happiness 
And surprise, surprise! the chain broke so I can no longer wear it

YOU, The Writer

In vain

I used to think that everything would go away when I would write. That's not true. That's not true. Yes, maybe most sounds would go away. Like the water boiling on the stove. Like the dogs running through the small hallway, over and over again. Maybe even the loud sirens from the police cars that always find themselves around here. That stuff goes away, sure. 
What doesn't go away are my thoughts. It feels like they are taking over. I am now aware of how much more I need to say and how little of that I turn into writing. When I write I am writing very fastly and messy on both papers and on a screen. I am upset that I cannot write fast enough. I am upset that most of my thoughts will fade away because by the time I finally finished writing the first thought, the rest are forgotten. So I am then left with an empty page....

heart damage and a little brain damage too

When I fall in love
I fall very hard
I fall very hard and fast
By the first day, I land at the bottom of the ditch
While she is still on floor level
She decides to leave
She decides to leave me in the ditch without helping me get back out
So I have to climb with my bare hands
My hands are all bloody and I have aged so many years by the time I manage to climb out
When I climb out I see someone else
And so then I am back in the deep ditch again
Every time I fall, I manage to hurt myself so very quickly

Tiny Love

Crying has become a burden

I had somehow become obsessive for abusing this type of tiny love. I have had many little tiny ones that have come in all shapes and sizes, and those that came left, dead. Some left young and others left old. Once one leaves, I have the sudden urge to quickly replace the mourn with another tiny one. I have grown addicted to this abundant but also finite comfort. With this, I have become tiny and small as a human being myself. I am small for the reason of not being able to be alone.

No really, what a loner

I can't breathe with everyone pretending to care 
Everyone touches my shoulder and tries to pick me up but I can't scream at them to let me go 
Everything gets way too hot as the loud music still plays 
Sweat is all over my body as I am still choking on my breath 
I feel like storming out and telling everyone to shut up 
I feel like breaking that stupid speaker  
But I do not 
Instead, I get up and call it a false alarm and tell everybody that I should head off 
The music starts back up again as I am still trying to find my breath but it is lost 
My heart is still beating loudly and I still feel so hurt and mad and sad 
I feel really tired 
When I am in my bed, I still cannot calm my nerves 
I close my eyes and hope next time I can say no thank you 
I hope...

No really, what a downer

Too many noises make my stomach churn and toss around my lunch
My whole body gets too hot and itchy and my head feels too messy with my hair
I feel like kicking everyone out of the room so I can just breathe
But I cannot move so instead I scream as my thoughts become clear
I feel numb as my body continues to increase in temperature as people surround me
Sorry I had to end the party.


It a bit weird now but I am just very tired
But it's in a different way
I can run a mile and play in the yard for hours
I can read ten books and draw five faces
I can run another mile and then I will read more books and draw more faces
I am just tired of you
And that's different
I am tired of listening to you and taking in all of your emotions
I am tired of always apologizing and having to be incorrect
 I just don't have enough energy.


It feels strange
It feels almost exotic and scary
It felt like a roller-coaster 
It was very scary but I am glad I did it
It was fun knowing that I was most likely going to be safe because of the buckles that you placed around me
But when it was over I didn't want to get off
And when you took me off, it was because there was a line of other people that wanted your comfort too
When the roller-coaster ended I felt like vomiting
And I did.

I think it was ANNA, I think

I drove by a persons face on a piece of paper today
It was hanging on a street light 

In big letters it says MISSING
The sheet of paper is already turning yellow and is crippling at the sides
I wonder when the case will be closed
Or is it still open?
Or did everyone give up?
Or is the case just dead?
My brother told me that if I had walk pass the missing person and he asked if I would stop and help solve the case
The thing is
I didn’t look close enough at the sheet of paper to fully look at the face
So if I walk by that person 
I wouldn’t notice because in the very beginning I was too distracted to care
God, I actually hate myself

Just die already

I am starting to hate books where the main character doesn't die.
I hate it because then I have to let them go
I have to let them learn new things without me
they love new people without me
they end their life without me

I know I am very selfish

Just a thought<3

I feel like I can be so many different types of people to a whole bunch of different people
the only downfall is that I need to remember those personalities for when I meet the same people again.

Its not very good, sorry

Love is like the coal to a hearth
If I am a hearth
I need this coal to feel alive
But too much of this coal is not very good for everyone else
The pollution that comes out of the home is painful
This home I was recently placed in
 Told me that I was special 
But it doesn’t want my coal anymore 
Nor does she want to add more
This new pollution that I create roams and begs someone to finally dispose of my hearth
For now, my Hearth is useless