Rose Beta

United States

"I am not complete," Edward Scissorhands.
Michael Scott is my savior. I will forever be team Edward(also I would like to marry Alice).
Ice cream heals me and cats comfort me.
Like if you want loves<3

Message from Writer

- Bookworm- currently reading - If we were villains by M.L. Rio
- Favorite color- Brown (its warm)
- Weak ankles
- Favorite drink- Hibiscus tea
-Favorite genre- Romance/fantasy, Dystopian, Classics
-Favorite book-Frankenstein by Mary Shelly
"Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information," Michael Scott. Your welcome.
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Published Work

I think it was ANNA, I think

I drove by a persons face on a piece of paper today
It was hanging on a street light 

In big letters it says MISSING
The sheet of paper is already turning yellow and is crippling at the sides
I wonder when the case will be closed
Or is it still open?
Or did everyone give up?
Or is the case just dead?
My brother told me that if I had walk pass the missing person and he asked if I would stop and help solve the case
The thing is
I didn’t look close enough at the sheet of paper to fully look at the face
So if I walk by that person 
I wouldn’t notice because in the very beginning I was too distracted to care
God, I actually hate myself

Just die already

I am starting to hate books where the main character doesn't die.
I hate it because then I have to let them go
I have to let them learn new things without me
they love new people without me
they end their life without me

I know I am very selfish

Just a thought<3

I feel like I can be so many different types of people to a whole bunch of different people
the only downfall is that I need to remember those personalities for when I meet the same people again.

Its not very good, sorry

Love is like the coal to a hearth
If I am a hearth
I need this coal to feel alive
But too much of this coal is not very good for everyone else
The pollution that comes out of the home is painful
This home I was recently placed in
 Told me that I was special 
But it doesn’t want my coal anymore 
Nor does she want to add more
This new pollution that I create roams and begs someone to finally dispose of my hearth
For now, my Hearth is useless

Science Fiction Competition 2021

Dipsophobia: Rose Beta

     My knees are holding my chin as I sit against the building made of old cellphones that were forgotten once a newer model came out. Alcohol drips down from my chin as I lose focus of the wine bottle in my hand. It rests in my palm, oddly light, but the sound of the glass hits hard. The ground hadn't noticed the anti-depressants I added, and instead of flowers, brown weeds grew and died trailing my tiny feet. 
As I swallow the last bit of liquid I was holding in my mouth while it burned into my taste buds, I keep thinking that I might have made a mistake. My insides curl as they come hurling out. Acid and wine burn my throat on the way up. It feels strangely satisfying as saliva runs down my throat. I feel calm and overwhelmed at the same time as the vomit doesn't stop. I can feel my lungs inflate as...