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☆I write for myself, others, and the girl I never took on a date.
☆My toilet flushed <3
☆Dramaturgy- is a sociological concept developed by Erving Goffman that uses the metaphor of theater to explain human behavior.
☆I'm barely on here, and that's okay.


☆Dramaturgy☆ (United States) published:

Foreign Land that is My Own.


It's more of the fact of knowing you won't fit in. Even if you look one way, or another no one wants you. One side wants purity, and the other side thinks you aren't enough. The fact of not knowing how people will see you. The freedom of not knowing and the fear that comes with it leaves a nagging feeling. 
There are others around who won't let you feel that way. They understand the struggle they know. They make...

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