Elodie Hart

United States

Ravenclaw (though ambitious)
Daughter of Athena
Hamilton Fan
District 5
Aspiring Author

Message from Writer

“You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page."
—Annie Proulx

If you think about it, writing is basically art through words. :0

Peer Reviews

Bad Bunnies

PROMPT: Once Upon a Time

I really enjoyed reviewing your piece! I loved the irony of the softest creatures (bunnies) being the threat in this story.

about 2 months

Something New Set Aflame

PROMPT: July Grab Bag

Try not to overuse metaphors, and I suggest that you to deliver what you are trying to say in simpler words. Bigger doesn't always mean better! However, this doesn't mean your writing has to be boring. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your piece, and hopefully any comments I made didn't come off as too harsh or demanding!

about 2 months