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United States

7th Grade Nerd
Hardly stops reading
District 4 tribute/Ravinpuff/Shadowhunter/Wizard/Demigod/Cosmere Geek/Dragon Friend/ Adventurer/etc.
Will happily review any work!
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Hey! I'm a nerd from Utah! I'm a Ravinpuff, shadowhunter, wizard, demigod, and tribute, so basically I can be considered a reader (huge one too) If you need someone to cry on or with, I am here! Don't forget to check out some of my fellow writing buddies work...
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Peer Reviews

The Land of Cracked Earth

PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2021

Just so you know, you don’t have to follow any of my suggestions if you don’t want to! They are just suggestions after all! Good luck again!

about 6 hours

Orbs of Dust and Dirt

PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2021

Thanks for reviewing my soon-to-be submission! It helped a ton!

1 day

Fatal Nights


Hope I wasn’t to harsh on my review, overall it is a great piece of writing! Very descriptive! (P.S. I can’t highlight on my phone, so I’m sorry I didn’t do any highlighting!)

17 days