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Peer Reviews

Something's Wrong In Paradise

PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2021

Man was this great to read! I look forward to seeing a possible second draft! Keep writing and remember to always be yourself

2 months

Mach1ne | A-Review-For-A-Review

PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2021

To the person checking the dashbord and seeing the message: read this piece it will change your LIFE!

2 months

PLEASE LOOK THIS OVER, i'm kinda panicking, i wrote a letter to the (US) president, please look it over before I send it :)


Um, yeah. I don't know what I'm doing so maybe don't take this too seriously.

2 months

Tiny Pinpricks that make me me

PROMPT: A History of Everything, Including You

I love this story. I think that you really put a lot of effort into developing the characters in the story and it worked out wonderfully. In so few words you managed to give us an amazing story without info-dumping (which is hard not to do in my opinion) and emotions that are undeniable. I also like that there aren't any redundant adverbs. Keep working on making the story the river of life (wait! It's like life...see what I did there?) Ana also remember that body language is everything. Internal dialogue is great and all but a quaking hand or a smile that doesn't quite reach the eyes is like its super emotional besties who watches vampire movies and makes theories about love triangles.

3 months