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They say that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. If so, what do little tear drops make?

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Loving your hate


Let it be,just let it be.
You needn't say it- I clearly understand. I see it in your eyes, I feel it in your touch. Those words waiting to be spewed out of those venomous lips. I know it all, sweetheart. Yep! You hate me.
But, as much as, I would love to-sit with you- give you reasons to love me instead. I'd rather not. Why? 'Cause I'm busy. I can't go around, trying to convince everyone to love me...

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I wish there was....

PROMPT: May Grab Bag


Write . . .

    about a box that holds memories. Which three memories do you put in it? (by Elizabeth Lopez).

    I wish there was.....

A seedling matures into a sturdy tree, a cub becomes a lion and a child becomes a man.
Moments of happiness, sadness and betrayal; we've seen it all, we felt it too. But just because the eye sees it, doesn't mean the mind retains it. 
We are...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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