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love to vent, love reading vent pieces <3

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"I'm running away from my responsibilities
and it feels good."
- Michael Scott

questioning the system and then feeling helpless is a feature of the the teenage condition. so, apologies :)

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Doomer - A Spoken Word


the words you spit out of your mouth
they're nothing profound
millions of angsty teens
have had the same fricking frown
aww, peer pressure got you down
seeing the world transparently
makes you feel like you're drowning
the whole worldview you created
you find yourself doubting
all frameworks and all authority
injustice makes you angry
your blood boils 
and then you remember
you have no choice
powerless, we consume untruth
and think self awareness
prepares us for doomsday
with the...

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21 Seconds

PROMPT: Science Fiction Competition 2021

Sunsets and sunrises are getting dimmer every day. 
I fear Aisha would never know what they look like, so I paint them for her every weekend. I could click a picture, but I want it to be more personal, I guess. The hospitals are so expensive nowadays; breathing seems like a rich man’s game. With every inhale sulfur dioxide enters our bodies, who knows if I’ll survive till Aisha’s all grown up to appreciate the beauty of sunsets, or even look at...

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