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I write when i feel these emotions to get rid of them. I usually don't share them but as Brett Young said Here goes nothing.

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Ladies, if he can’t appreciate your fruit jokes, you need to let that mango.

There is no iron in the iron you use to iron shirts. Which is, ironically, both ironic and un-ironic.

Lazy Fact #1737907364920226488360101763894038278
You were too lazy to read those numbers.

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Girl Code


I act ok when She talks about him being her Bae.
Says shes my bestfriend,
Told her how i wasn't over him and she told me he was toxic.
Now she is going to him.
I've always known it was Her for him.
It just doesn't make it easier to say "Im happy for you"
To her face.

We use to say A guy wouldn't break us apart,
I guess we both saw it coming,
He came to me after...

15 days ago


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PROMPT: Lens Change

She sits in front of her mirror all her makeup set in front of her.
She covers all her flaws so that she'll look pretty.
She puts on her skinny jeans that's a size to small.
Society's opinions like a drug for her.
She doesnt eat and when she does,
It doesn't stay in her stomach for long.
She walks down the hall and never looks up,
For if she did would they see her flaws.
Sleeps with her stomach...

16 days ago

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Guy comes up to me,
Doesn't know my name,
Squeezes my thigh,
Like he has the right to,
And doesn't say a word.

Stares at me,
And has me thinking,
That he really liked me,
Then i see him doing,
The same to many.

I wanna be mad,
But i cant be at him,
I told myself that's how guys are,
Yet i let my self believe,
That maybe it was just me.

Yet he still stares,
And still says...

16 days ago


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Everything was normal,
Talking with you,
Didn't remember you were gone for good,
You smiled,
Then it started.

I couldn't move,
Red eyes shined in the dark,
I wanted to save you,
You just kept on smiling,
Don't you hear me begging you to run?

I woke up crying,
And I wondered if you called out to anyone,
Its the same every time,
I use to love sleeping to get away from things,
Now I'm scared to close my eyes.

17 days ago