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Izzy Koo, age 17, is someone who see's the world with so much love and possibility. She hopes to encourage, inspire, and build up people through her writing.

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Hi! I'm Izzy and I am a lover of God and of people. I see this world as what it can be, and I write to inspire, encourage, and spark positive change - starting at the heart, where change happens. I never used to think I was a good writer, but once I started writing about things I was really passionate and cared about, words just started flowing out. I love words because they have so much power. They can move people and convict people. Heck! They can even change someone's entire life! My hope is that my words do just that.

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What if we changed the way we see people?

PROMPT: Op-Ed Competition 2021

Oftentimes, we form our perception of someone before we actually get to know that person.

Such was the case for me, when I decided I was going to see my 7-year-old sister as a burden, rather than my beloved little sister. The day she was born, I felt like there was a lot taken away from me - my parents undivided attention, fun family vacations, watching movies rated over PG, just to name a few. Immediately, I drew a connecting...

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