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Hi! I'm a singer-songwriter and playwright from Australia! :-)

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Song Writing Competition 2021



It is 3 days since last contact with Earth. Current location: somewhere in space. It’s dark out here.

Verse 1:
I’m feeling spaced out as of late
Floating through cosmic space
Lost touch of time now I’m one with the asteroids 
I’m  hiding  from my responsibilities
So I can have deniability 
I’m just gonna keep floating here 'til I run out of breath
I’m sorry, what did you just say?
I’m in a permanent daze
I’m further than the clouds
My mind's in outer space

I’m a spaceman
Lost and spacey
Ground control’s lost control of me
Been missing them lately
My mission’s grown foggy
And my memory’s fading
I can’t remember what any of these stupid buttons do
They  tell you his glory 
But really, a spaceman’s just lonely 

I know I was sent out here on a journey of scientific exploration or whatever, but I’ve spent the past few days tossing...