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"You can start late, look different, be uncertain, and still succeed" -Misty Copeland

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I'm that type of person who will write something even if it make no sense but hopefully you enjoy my nonsense.

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Lost in the Woods (PART 4)

All the figures formed a circle around us talking in their own language. Emma and I had no idea what to do. Then one of the figures stood right in front of Emma and I. The figure started talking to the others in their own language. The figure started to gesture us and we knew the figure was talking about us. Emma and I looked at each other wanting to know what they were talking about. The figure would look at us then back at the others. Eventually after they stopped talking they pick us up by the arm and lead us somewhere. They lead us to this small house. They open the door and shove us in. We look around and there was a person laying on a bed. We took steps closer and saw it was a girl. She looked about 15 but she laid there with no life within her. The door opened again and in come...

Am I the only one

Am I the only one who is obsessed with a t.v show that was popular like 2 years ago but its not popular anymore? Recently I started watching Riverdale and like people think I'm crazy because I didn't watch it when it first came out. When it first came out I was young and my parents didn't want me to watch it but now I'm in love with the t.v show.  One of my friends watched it before me and I've been ranting to her about whats been happening and she thinks I'm insane. Anyways please don't say I'm the only one in love with a t.v show that was popular 2 yrs ago. 


The warm air
No more cold
No more worries
I can't wait for summer

Summer a season where you can lay out in the sun
Where all the stress from school goes away
No more snow
Summer is right around the corner 

The salty waves of the beach
That summer breeze
You can relax all day
Summer is really close

No more winter weather
No more coats
Just shorts and a t-shirt
Just warm weather

The summer weather 
I cant wait to stop wearing coats
Where you can swin all day 
I just cant wait for summer 


If you think about life 
People say "Life is short enjoy it"
But technically life is the longest thing we will experience
But life can be fun, while sad 

But some of the amazing thing about life 
Is that you get to experience it with the people you love
People who mean a lot to you
People who are going through the same thing you are
Life is very stressful as well
The expectations you feel like you have to live up to
The stress that people cause 
The stressful situations your always in

Social media is also a major part of life
You see people who you want to be 
The people who seem happy 
People who make you jealous

Life can be awful at some points
A loved one may be sick
Your family could be fighting
But you should look at the good things in life when this happens

Life isn't about all the bad things...


Many people don't think their beautiful 
Well what does beautiful mean
Beautiful means whatever you interpret it to be 
Beautiful is a positive thing 

To be honest everyone is beautiful in their own way
It could be the little crease in their smile
The way they laugh
The way they are happy

Many people don't label themselves as beautiful
They point out every little flaw they have
The way their smile isn't straight
The way their hair is a mess

People label others as beautiful 
They compare themselves to others 
They wish that they could just be beautiful
But the truth is...

You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different!


25 Words


She finally found out who she was. She never felt more complete in her entire life. For the first time in forever she was happy.

Why? (PART 2)

Why is it the person you like, never likes you back?

Why do women get treated so different than men? 

Why is it when you don't understand something and you raise your hand your automatically annoying or stupid?

Why is it if your a straight A's student you cheated or payed your teacher but if you don't have an A's you are dumb? 

Why is it when your best friend likes someone you are probably more happy than they are?

Why does the way you dress define the person you are?

Why is it if you enjoy reading you are automatically a nerd?

Why is it if you have inside jokes wit people other people want to know what they mean?

Why is it when you like certain artist you automatically get made fun of them for liking them?

Why is it when you are close with the opposite gender people automatically assume your dating or you have a crush...

Happy for You

You finally found someone who makes you happy
Someone who treats you well
Someone who gives you butterflies whenever he walks by
I am beyond happy for you

Whenever he walks by I see you smile
I haven't seen a pure smile from you in a while
You told me that he gives you butterflies 
I'm so happy for you

Any adventures you go on with him
I will still be here
I'm way to happy for you
Probably more happy than you

I know he will treat you well 
He will make you happy
But when he asks you to be his 
Just remember you were mine first



I have so many problems I cant even count 
But I'm supposed to act okay, like nothing is wrong
I have to help so many people without a doubt
But I have so many problems like my sister and I don't get along

Within one hour I have to worry about my problems
Like what is going on at school
I have so many columns of problems
But I put on a smile and go about my day

No one knows how I deal with my problems
And once that day comes I will want to run away
But in the mean time I shall put on a smile like nothings wrong
And go about my day and pretend like I'm okay


Someone who you love 
A person you share your life with
Someone who you trust 
Someone you spend all night talking to

Someone you go to with your problems
You think they can help you 
But in reality they are using you 

A person who you share secrets with
A person who you trust with your life
Someone who knows all of your weaknesses
Just to be stabbed in the back by a knife

Are all friendships like this? 
Gosh I hope not 
This time I found someone great 
But I know deep down in might not last 

Even when we say "I'm not leaving you"
Eventually we are going to have to split 
But I know we will come back to each other
Because we have been there through the good and the bad



A place where you feel stress and happy at the same time
A place where being weird makes you automatically dumb
A place where your being pressured all the time
A place where some days you can have fun

Ring, ring 
There goes the bell
The same one that rings around this time 
You can always tell when it will go off

A place where you always have to follow the rules 
Where you have to pretend like everything is okay
But what is this place called?
This is a place called school


Why is it when your at your lowest people just destroy you?

Why is it when you feel amazing people just want to destroy you because your happy?

Why do people treat people different just because of their religion or color?

Why is it when you find a really good friend they just disappear and you never talk to them ever again?

Why is it when you want to talk to someone new you freeze up?

Why is it when one of your friends get into a relationship you automatically don't like the person they are dating?

Why is it when people are popular at school they treat everyone differently?

Why is it when you opposite gender best friend have people crushing on them you automatically distance yourself from them just because you don't feel important anymore?

Just why? 

You are enough

So many people in this world think that they aren't enough. This drives me absolutely crazy, because you are enough.  People think they aren't enough because people point out their flaws or just straight up tells them "Your not enough." People drive me crazy because you can have a really good day then they just keep tearing you down. No matter what anyone says you are enough. Don't listen to people like this. People can be so cruel they don't understand what you are going through and that saying "Your not enough" can hurt you more. So don't listen to people who tear you down and YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

I will be here

No matter what I will always be here
Through the good and bad
Even when you want to disappear 
I will be here

You may not want to talk
You may not think you are enough 
But trust me you are
So when you want to talk i'll be here

They broke you 
They hurt you 
But trust me you will get through this

Even if you think I will abandon you
Because people have done that before
I wont do that to you
I will always be here for you


Nonsense that is going on in my head right now

So this is just somethings that are gong on in my head right now, so if you don't care then you don't have to read. 

*This whole pandemic has messed up all of our lives which sucks. Not to mention I haven't seen some of my family members for over a year.

*Also do you ever have a really good book where you don't want to finish it but you do. When you finish this book your just like sad and depressed because its over. This just happened with me so now I don't know what to do anymore. If you have any good books let me know.

*So people have many different type of music styles which is completely fine but I swear my music styles are all over the place. One second I am listening to a classical type song, then a really sad song, then like a really happy song, and then somehow my playlist puts on...

Lost in the Woods (PART 3)

I told Emma that we should get her parents so we didn't go downstairs alone. Emma agreed, so we went to her parents room and they aren't there. We then just assumed that the noise that happened downstairs was just her parents. Thirty minutes go by and we hear the noise again it sounded like someone was banging pots and pans. This time we didn't even go to Emma's parents room we went to check it out. We were almost certain that it wasn't Emma's parents, because they knew we were trying to sleep so someone broke into Emma's house. We go down the stairs quietly and peek our heads around the corner. Emma and I look at each other in horror. The figures were in her kitchen going through the kitchen supplies. We didn't know what to do we just are looking at each other in disbelief. We slowly start to go up the stairs, but I stepped on...

Lost in the Woods (PART 2)

While the dark figures were taking us somewhere they were mumbling something to each other that didn't seem like English. Since Emma said we were only going to be in the woods for a couple minutes we didn't even consider grabbing our phones.  Emma and I were terrified and didn't know what to do. The figures were still walking and saying something to each other but then we started to hear more voices. These voices sound exactly like the figures. The figures stopped talking and dropped us like no big deal.    
"Ouch!" Emma and I said at the same time. The figures took the thing off of our head. The thing that had been over our head didn't look like a bag, but like a new invention that had been just been created. When they took it off the sun started to come up. Our eyes adjusted quickly to light. The figures ran off as soon as they saw...

Lost in the Woods (PART 1)

        It was all a normal day till 3 A.M. I was staying the night at my friend Emma's house when all of a sudden we heard something in the woods. I told Emma that we should just stay inside because it was pitch black out in the middle of the night plus it was 3 A.M the devils hour. Emma said "Come on we will only be out there for a few minutes." After a long considerations of whether to go outside or not I finally said "Fine but if i see something suspicious I'm running inside." Emma chuckled she thought I was joking, I was serious. I grabbed my coat and flashlights with a gut feeling that we shouldn't be doing this. We got outside and it was somewhat warm but my gut kept telling me go inside and check it out in the morning. We started walking to the woods and I saw something...