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Ballet of the Hunted


Are you watching me
like I’m watching in my peripheral
recording every footstep, each waver in my way?
You’re rough and out of time
Anxious now
Cruel compulsion drawing you to the one thing
drowning out the world
Drowning out what better sense you had before you hurled
your callous, cold complexion
in my direction
Hungry for a taste of sweet projection
over me

Now there’s one thing,
now there’s us
Then’s a memory
in now we trust


Seeking Peer Reviews

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Coloured Pencils


I lie on a bed counting coloured pencils
smooth orange and red, I will get my fill

You took the pain away
So I said I’d always stay
but I miss when I could close my eyes
‘Cause now the sunlight never dies

So let’s go to my house and take our worries out
on unsuspecting lightbulbs, pull them down
Well look who’s laughing now
in darkness I’ll be found

I sit on the edge of an asphalt court

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