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War of Ingenium - Character Summary

PROMPT: A story in which a disaster occurs, leaving mortal enemies no choice but to bond in extreme circumstances.

The empire of Ingenium was different, cut off from the world because of its strange kingdoms. Elit, the kingdom of athleticism; Dolor, the kingdom of intelligence; Nominati; the kingdom of popularity; Fabrica, the kingdom of technology; Glossarium, the kingdom of artistry; and Procuratio, the kingdom of outcasts. They were mostly separate, its leaders and officials occasionally coming together for a meeting of the High Council, but beside that, the six kingdoms were each their own. But in recent months, there had been talk about a war. The news hadn't reported anything, neither had the government addressed it, but people were talking. Planning. Plotting.

Hazel Anderson is a typical 17-year-old girl with a brother for a best friend and two loving parents. She's a Dolorian, from the kingdom known for their intellect. Her specialty; literature, having spent her childhood with her nose...