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Book Review Competition 2021

"NOWHERELANDS - An Atlas of Vanished Countries" by Bjorn Berge

Reading for pleasure is a beautiful thing. Reading for purpose is an entirely different, wonderful, and indispensable thing.
  “Nowherelands–An Atlas of Vanished Countries” weaves together stamps, eyewitness testimony and historical interpretations to create a vibrant tapestry of the past. Any frayed ends are pressed together with the ethnography of Bjorn Berge- an author so passionate in his stamp collecting that, with a simple lick of the Cypher paper, he can taste the richness of the history it holds.
  Nowherelandsis, as it says on the tin; a non-fiction atlas of vanished countries. Fifty extinct nations from every corner of the world, with fifty unique stamps; each marked by thousands of hands, countless destinations, and the wear and tear of being trickled down generations — now sit in vibrantly coloured copies on the pages of this book. Berge invites us on a journey, an adventure transcending time and distance into the propaganda, failures, and treasons of past nations; resulting in...