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"I was sad! You were happy! So I killed Tom Jones."
-Jane Doe


BLSturton (United States) published:

Why Class Punishments Are An Unjust Evil


Time: Final day of school before the start of winter break.

Place: 3d period Spanish class 

You walk into the room, a tad tired but still eager for the end of the day. So far, you haven’t done much in your other classes, given the special occasion. Now, your Spanish class is very… different than other classes. You have a bit more physical work and little to no paper and book work. You grab the materials from the table in...

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BLSturton (United States) published:

“Salt Fat Acid Heat” is a recipe for success! By Bryce Sturton

PROMPT: Book Review Competition 2021

Did you know that adding salt to a dish can make it taste sweeter? I certainly didn’t! Cooking is such a large smorgasbord of cultures and techniques that cookbooks simply cannot do it justice. But thanks to the award winning bestseller Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat, the intimidating façade of culinary arts is ripped off to reveal the four basic elements that make all cooking fantastic: Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat. By employing these simple measures, one can...

4 months ago