عاشق الله

smuggles cookies as a proffesion
has a plan to take over the world

oh and kinda has a crush on the sky

~ photo taken by me ~


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if you're bored....


  1. Find a kid and tell them you're their future self.
  2. Call a random number and say, "They're after me, where do I put the body?"
  3. Next time a stranger talks/interacts with you, be shocked and whisper, "wait, you can see me?".
  4. Go to the nearest aquarium with a fishing rod.
  5. Walk up to someone in a busy place and say, "You. You're one of them." then slowly back away.
  6. Go to a zoo. Shout loudly, "Somebody come quick. An animal...

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let me dream


let me dream
of starry nights
and flying kites
of rainy days
and sunny rays

let me dream
of golden tears
and elf ears 
of green pastures
and singing passers

let me dream
of loud ocean waves
and hollowed caves
of purple seashells
and twinkling bells

let me dream
of singing birds
and grazing herds
of chocolate and coffee
and sticky, melted toffee

let me dream
of you and me
and peach ice tea
of cotton candy sunsets
and healthy...

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just the dumb truth

PROMPT: July Grab Bag

To my eight year-old self,

it's still hard. 


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I kinda suck at reviews, but I hope that was somewhat useful.

I would love to see more pieces in this format.

Happy great day/night.

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