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Pan/gender fluid
loves writing,playing the violin, baking and volleyball
listens to music constantly

Message from Writer

Poetry to me
is stumbling around
in the dark
trying to find the right words
to describe
the feeling
I get when she
smiles in her sleep

Published Work

TW: Anxiety Attack

 bounced my leg, glancing feverishly around the crowded area. My stomach continues to sink as time goes on. A familiar shade of green comes rushing around the corner. I spotted the small girl, in the army green hoodie I gave her on her last visit. 
I see her look of desperation when I stand up from my chair. I see her pick up her pace, trying to push through the crowd of people between us. I grab my coat from behind me.
She reaches me and wraps her arms around my waist, I feel her small frame shake with a sob into my shirt. 
“Honey, Honey It's ok It's gonna be ok” I whisper, hugging her shoulders tightly, I bury my face in her hair. Silent tears already streaming down my cheeks. Her breath begins to catch. She shudders trying to force air in her lungs, trying to control her hiccups. 
“It's ok It's ok Just breathe baby. Breath” I...


Do you ever just want to walk outside. 
at night
instrument in hand
hearing the traffic far off
the cold already biting into your skin
grounding you even further
walk to the 4 way stop down the road
close your eyes
and release all your emotions
on the the strings
and turn all that pain 
into something beautiful
your heart guiding your bow
breathing life back into your soul
when youve finished
your hearth gasps 
and your soul bleeds
the cold rushing to your core
eyes flying open
when your spirit returns
a smile spreads upon your lips
a godlike power
filling your bruised and bloodied 
body mind and soul
every note
just who you are
what you can really do
back into your soul

Uncertainty is...

Falling backwards
into the mist
Unable to see
Or hear
Or smell
Or taste
Or feel
Anything at all
you become numb to whats around you
You become numb to your own body
Your own emotions
Daily life becomes a struggle…
For The 


Her Return Home

The dark train pulled up to the station. The train came to and from the world of the living all the time, but this day was special. A certain someone, that only came once a year was here. 
Most people who walked off were confused, scared, or uncaring. All had a dark shade over them. All, except for a bright yellow dress. Persephone.
Hades smiled as he caught sight of his wife. She was still looking around so he reached his hand over the crowd to wave. She saw him immediately, a grin blossoming on her beautiful features. She took off in a run toward him. The small young woman barreled into the  
Tall , burly man. A chuckle escaped Hades lips. Persephone had her head in Hades coat, hugging him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her tiny form, her relaxing in his strong, safe grip.
“Welcome home love” Hades whispered into her hair, His breath pricking at her...

Grandma Max

Dear Grandma Max,
I'm in my 1st period class in school right now. We are supposed to write a letter to our favorite person, one that has impacted my life in a positive way, and tell them about ourselves. Of course I think of you! But for old times sake I'll write it like our normal letters, spelling and grammar errors and all:)
Hey! how are you? I'm good!Really busy. I stay after school everyday but thursday. Then volleyball started up again. So that's on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We just had our second game, probably the best game of my life! I had a really good over hand, couple roll shots, and some really good passes. We also won so that makes it even better!
I recently came out to Mom and Dad. They were really cool about it, just like you said. They said that they just want me to be comfortable, which was awesome. I have also been...

Aristotle and Dante-Diary Add on

Diary-                             October 27th
    This week I ended up in the hospital. I got beat up for reasons I'll explain later. But then Ari went and beat up this kid. Ugh. Let me start at the beginning. I have told you I'm gay, and I was kissing a boy named Julian in an alley, then some kids from Ari’s school walk by. They see us and they all run at us, Julian ran away but I wasn't going to. I needed to stand my ground. They hit me pretty hard. Mostly in the face, but I got kicked in the ribs too. They gave me a concussion. So I still get dizzy really easily. But anyway Ari found out and came to see me and I told him why, and he left. He seemed really mad, but not at me… You know? He just seemed really mad at the world. Then the next thing...


She heard a noise. Katie heard a noise. I sounded like something was running through the forest. Was it coming for her? Did it even know she was there? “No” she said aloud. The running stopped. Katie stopped. The trees above her rustled. She could smell the cooking pork from the text town over. The wind blew and she shook her head and kept walking. Mumbling to herself that “ i'm just being silly” or “ there's nothing out here” and “ just keep walking and you'll be fine” she stopped.
     There was a light ahead. She cautiously stepped forward. When she looked around the tree and saw a woman.She was maybe 20, she had long black hair, she was wearing a long flowy blood red dress. She had books and candles, a cage with a crow in it. That's when I saw the fire. Not just the fire, but the way it moved along her fingers and up...

The Red Foxes

“You're sure?” 
The Oricle looked down at the king “Of course I'm sure who do you think I am?”
The king looked away. He had to ask, it was unbelievable news. He was going to die within a year if his daughter’s spouse didn't save him. Problem was his daughter wasn't married. 
Dentra stood pacing her room a few days later. Mulling over her conversation with her father from earlier that evening
“Are you ok?” Dentra asked her father at dinner.
“Um… Yes?” replied the king, clearing anxious about something.
“Well that wasn’t very convincing.” she smiled at him.
“Oh it's nothing.” He sighed “Don't you think it's time you get married? You’re 17 , well past marrying age.” She very  much did not want to marry anyone in her city, or at all even! She was very happy with her single life. 
“No father, it wasn't in my plan” she said as politely as she could. How could he...

Replacing Trauma

“I can’t do this anymore!” I practically screamed into the corn field next to me.
“Geez, calm down psycho.” she said next to me.
“Noooooooo” I said drawing out the word long enough to make a masterpiece. “We’ve been here for hours!” I say in a whiney voice, much like a child.
“It hasn't been that long, just enjoy it!”
“It is way too hot to enjoy this properly. Plus I’m hungry!”I said grumply
“Well I’m not the person who ate the last granola bar” she teased. I guessed she was right. I made a face anyway.I was bored though, and let me warn you. When I’m bored I get hyper,and I pity the fool who has to deal with me when I’m hyper.
“I’m bored!” I said, twirling around her and racing ahead. 
“Oh god here we go again” she rolled her eyes.
“ oh sure mom!” I called, teasing. Rolling her eyes again, she raced after me....

The Meaning of Life

I wrote this with a friend, we did popcorn writing in 5 minute segments. Most of it is mine, but part of it is Liam's. I just love the story, here you go!

I’ll never forget the day I learned the meaning of life. It all started when I heard this strange noise coming from the crawl space in my basement. It was somewhere between a trumpet, car alarm and cartoon-ish bird call. I was the only one who could hear it, even if my family was in the room they would just look at me like I was crazy. 
One day I got so annoyed I became that one person in a horror movie and checked out the strange noise in the basement. It was all dark and had tons of spiders. I used my phone flashlight to take a look. The space looked much bigger than it was supposed to be. It felt like my flash light wasn't...

3 Simple Words

The lights danced across his dark complexion like little stars doing cartwheels, following his each and every whim. 
Bodies fell together and apart, swaying together always separate. 
The music thudded like a heartbeat under floor boards, drawing out the madness inside.
Smiles painted on faces always pretending. 
The floor slick with dreams and ambitions, wants and needs. 
The little cracks in the ceiling split and shattered unnoticed by everyone.
Noise loud enough to crack your skull, but 3 simple words are louder.
A hand reaching out, a new opportunity, bat away with hatred and hurt.
Someone reaching in your chest pulling out your lungs, crushing your heart with merely the sound of their voice.
Calm comes to rest on the shattered piece of your soul, a numbness.
Unable to cry, to laugh you scream and scream 
and scream.