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Latina, 17 years old
Passionate about literature!

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"I thought that when you dream so big, reality learns."
- Valter Hugo Mãe

"Thinking is my fighting."
- Virginia Woolf

Luiza L (Brazil) reviewed:

The Hippopotamus


You did an amazing job with this piece! It has an amazing message, the metaphor is beautiful and you really portraited all the character's emotions and thoughts. Congratulations and I hope to read more of your works soon!

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Luiza L (Brazil) reviewed:


PROMPT: Names for Nature

This piece surprised me so much! I started reading and when I realized, I already finished it. I didn't even see time passing! This is how good your writing is, congratulations!

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Luiza L (Brazil) reviewed:

Human Voices

PROMPT: February Grab Bag

I love this piece! The message, the words, the theme, everything makes sense and it is very well written and put together. Congratulations on this piece!

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Luiza L (Brazil) published:

The Invisible Ones


Every day she opens the windows
The tight uniform forms fold in the sweaty body
Stuck to the greasy, dirty skin 
Persistent stained by the pestilent air
She feels the cheap plastic texture of the curtain in her palms
The light creates wrinkles in her eyes, too bright for such a dark life.
She can feel the tightness of the routine that bounds her
And that imprisoned every generation before her own
For a second, she feels their ancient eyes on...

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