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"we bloom until we ache" serendipity, jimin

- cr: the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde

shiwrites (Canada) published:

overthinking thinking


to think too much.

is it to ponder
over a thought 
a couple million times
until it becomes rough and used? 

or is it rather to have 
too many 
piling up one another
until they all fall over? 

is it having to hold
such a grave musing
you struggle to carry
until your knees become weak? 

what is too many,
what is too much,
what is too heavy,
to a soul who feels all,
when they aren't any?


9 days ago


shiwrites (Canada) published:

look me in the eyes


just a slip away
from a fall in a bottomless pit
of darkness
that i chose to step into to

all it took
was whispered words
laced with pretty lies
shielding behind an addictive voice

blind to your horns
immune to your burn
i let you swallow me whole
thinking we were sharing souls

unaware i remained
when a knife wedged in me
it was the one i gave you


16 days ago

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shiwrites (Canada) published:



without another, 
i am

the cloud 
that gifts you the comfort of a shade
to embrace 
in each other's warmth instead of the sun's. 

the cup of coffee
brought by the hands of your lover
that your lips touch
before you lean away to meet theirs. 

the streetlight
you meet under at ungodly hours
to glisten 
in front of another with the rest in dark. 

and alone i wait,

21 days ago

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23 days ago

shiwrites (Canada) published:

seaside shards

PROMPT: February Grab Bag

  • the message in a bottle someone found on the beach. What does it say? (Delia Rune)


If you're currently having the pleasure to read this, I'm assuming you've found my bottle and that it didn't get lost within the sea, washed away with all the shells I've found in the sand. It's me, your dearest sister, Tiana. It's been a while since I've seen you, but I hear your voice everyday. 

I hear it at shore, when...

23 days ago


shiwrites (Canada) published:

let me ruin you


i hide behind whispers
to travel within ears. 
i'm your biggest danger
yet you shield me from others.

i'm a shadow's cousin. 
always following, 
only to be gone 
when you try to find me. 

what are you so afraid of? 
that they'll see me? 
or see the cracks within you, 
where you built a home for me? 

i promise i'm not your enemy. 
it's them,
the ones who try to touch me,
the ones who don't understand me. 

you know...

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27 days ago

shiwrites (Canada) published:

i saw your hand peaking out of the waves and in an instant, it disappeared

PROMPT: 25 Words

Lost at sea, she strived to break out of the water. 

Just a little more. 

Her hand met the sun. 

And another pulled her down. 

27 days ago

shiwrites (Canada) published:

loose threads

PROMPT: Memory Object

There, in the specific corner of my closet, assimilating with the shadows, lies a winter jacket. One that I hadn't seen in years and hoped no one would see again, and yet I remember it so well. It was pink, puffy, and had two pockets, with a heart at the end of the zipper for each. I had worn it everyday to school when I was seven years old, as one would when something was their favourite item (and also,...

29 days ago

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