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I'm 17, interested in linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, theology, and history.

she/ her | Bi | Agnostic | Useless Intellectual | WA |

I don't necessarily agree with my own assertions.

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Listening to: Bell and Sebastian, Kings of Convenience, Jose Gonzales, Simon and Garfunkel, The Gentle Good

Reading: Albert Camus, Italo Calino, Lawernce Durell, Annie Dillard, Garcia Lorca, Hafiz, Ocean Vuong , Patrick Rothfuss

Watching: Derry Girls, Madam Secretary, The Durells in Corfu, Shitt's Creek

If you would like a review, just ask!

I am always looking for good new books to read. Suggestions are welcome!

I have been re-publishing pieces quite a lot recently and I was wondering if anyone finds that annoying? Because I can stop.

Please, please, feel free to start up a conversation or debate in the comment section of any of my pieces. There is nothing I like more than intellectual discussion.

Peer Reviews

The Law of the Hungry


Great job. A pleasure to read and review:)

about 6 hours

DUNE - Frank Herbert

PROMPT: Book Review Competition 2021

Great Review! My suggestions are just little ones. I hope they help and I hope you get them before the deadline. Sorry I am getting this to you so late!

2 days

The Letter


Great piece! It's wonderful representation of the anxiety and heaviness that comes with relationships.

12 days

There's a certain benevolence


Wonderful piece. People don;t write about the pleasant parts of being alone enough and it was really cool to hear your perspective.

15 days

The silent king



The Death Clock Draft 2/ Chapters 1-3


That was a fun read! I am seriously impressed you managed to create a whole plot in a couple pages. If I tried that I would fail epically. Most of my comments were just small suggestions to make the story bit clearer. Great job!

17 days

Help! I need to shave 36 words!


On words I thought you could cut, most of the time I just wrote "cut". I didn't mean this to sound authoritarian. I was just being lazy:)

18 days



Happy birthday and sorry it feels so grim. Fifteen is a hard one, and it must be even harder in the midst of a pandemic. It does give life to some beautiful poetry though, wonderful job!

20 days

You Are Not Alone


I love way the this piece is organized. It's clear and honest. wonderful work. Most of my suggestions are just small details. Take them or leave them:)

21 days

Jadeite Cabbage With Insects


Beautiful poem. You have a very unique voice. I found some of the phrasing slightly awkward, but only slightly. And I wouldn't smooth it out too much, because the non-sequeter feel invites a reader to take a closer look:)

21 days

MY BREAD AND LIGHT(things that nourish my life)

PROMPT: Bread and Light

At first I found the formatting a little overwhelming, but I actually think that was the point and it ended up really working.

23 days

haiku from the cemetery


23 days

She Smelt of Lilacs