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ohyechlo (Australia) published:

she lives


she lives for the sun out on a rainy day,
she lives to chase the rainbow away 

she lives for the ring of the doorbell 
in a cafe 

she lives to listen to his mellifluous voice,
it makes her feel safe 

she lives for surprises, 
gifts with ribbon and lace 

she lives to bake 
things with different tastes 

she lives for she lives
yet another day. 

7 days ago

ohyechlo (Australia) reviewed:

And Still I Remember

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

from peer reviewer and reader,
over all exceptional poem, I enjoyed it very much!
good luck in the competition and your writing journey

8 days ago

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ohyechlo (Australia) published:

and it ends


the beginning ends before it starts, 
flames arise before the match is lit. 

I walk into the party just to walk out
we hate the game we’ve never played 

you fall in love with the me you haven’t met. 


3 months ago

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4 months ago


ohyechlo (Australia) published:

to give love.


to give love, I will make love. 

I will show you love 
through my words and through my hands

like an ocean wave 
it will crash into your senses,
and you will thirst for more 
until every body of water is desert.

you sweat, throat dry.
you’ve never been quite the singer but tonight,
I let you use my ears as your microphone

I won’t give too much
unless you give enough
so open your arms to me

4 months ago


ohyechlo (Australia) published:

lost and found (draft?) - for review


His mellifluous voice. His deep, brown eyes. The structure of his face. His tall, fit figure. His dark hair shining under the sunlight. The smoothness of his skin. His perfect, soft lips. His gorgeous smile.
The euphoric vibe I receive whenever he's around, heals my broken heart.
If only he remembered..

I remember us.
I remember us|
I remember u|
I remember|
I rememb|
I reme|
I re|
I forgot about us.

“I’m leaving. I’m leaving this world, I’m...
Seeking Peer Reviews

4 months ago