Delia Rune

United States

-Born in NYC, half-Swedish, lived in Germany, currently in TX
-I love to write, read, sew, run, and bullet journal!
-16 years old

Message from Writer

Hey! I'm new to WTW, but I'm so excited to get involved. I love to write, and it's one of the biggest things that has gotten me through a really challenging year. It makes me so happy when people peer review my stuff so, if you could read my work, that would be so nice. I'm also always around to talk or give advice. Thanks for stopping by!

Peer Reviews

decomposing granite wasn’t strong enough for our wills

PROMPT: February Grab Bag

I thought this was a really well-written piece, and I love the effect your short sentences have on the tone. It gives me John Green vibes-- love it!

3 days

All Of Them In One



No Escape - Chapter 1


I want a part two! This seems really good so far, and I can tell you're a gifted writer. I left a few ideas/comments that might be helpful, but, if not, remember it's your writing, and you don't have to use them. :)

2 months

A Conversation Between Me and God


Overall, this was a really good piece! My only suggestion would be that the end feels a bit abrupt-- maybe add how the protagonist is feeling at the end of this talk.

2 months

Hoping For Neverland

PROMPT: A Ritual for Now

I think this ritual is really relatable to a lot of us, and it made me want to go swing! I think we could all use a return to childhood in these times...

2 months


PROMPT: Pandemic Memoir

I love the way this sums up 2020-- couldn't have said it better myself.

2 months