S. Tiffany

United States

Published Work

Two Faced Ch. 1

I sit, bored as hell, on a chair that would appear comfortable but is one of those terribly deceiving ones that make your butt go numb after 5 minutes. I’ve been forced out of bed, out of my safe blanket haven of introverted hermitting at the ungodly hour of 6 in the morning only because “I need time to get ready.” The old, no-nonsense group home lady who’s name I never remember and is honestly too old to be dealing with children, especially teenagers, woke me up before the sun was even thinking of shining, so why the heck am I awake? She made me breakfast earlier and grumbled about my allergy to peanuts, as pb+j sandwiches are clearly the only thing she knows how to make. So she settled for mere bread, not toast, justbread. Not like I was gonna eat it anyway, but man am I bored as hell. I wish I had stalled a little longer...