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deux petits poémes


poéme un

the dove shares its secrets with tout le monde,

downy blue-gray and dusty sable effulgent in the silence;

three gentle coos ripple across the dawning's still surface,

an inconspicuous, "i love you."

poéme deux

My heart beats with renewed self-belief

Whenever the sun paints so prettily,

The clouds appear to sing with the golden light

Of eternal tranquility.

18 days ago

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French Friend

PROMPT: Mid-March Grab Bag

1.) Write about what you imagine people across the world are doing at the exact time you’re writing this piece.

[started: Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 1:37 AM]

I'm anxiously awaiting my friend's response,

Completing overdue math homework and resurrecting old writing to kill time...

I met him last Wednesday through my school's French exchange program;

I sent him a video yesterday evening:

Me barging into my little brother's room, screaming, "SAlUt à mON pEtIT fRèRe,"

Acting immature

(wayyy too immature...

about 2 months ago


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solo, Catbird's Perfect Day Delight, and ArtisticCoronabird Poem

PROMPT: March Grab Bag

1.) Write a 100 word story based on a randomly generated word.


For the millionth time in quarantine, I’m alone.

Abysmal midnight presses closer than the heavy blanket atop me. Perusing r/showerthoughts, I simultaneously pretend responsibilities don’t exist and distract myself from omnipresent loneliness.

I should sleep instead of scroll….

Things sound cooler when you replace “alone” with “solo”


I eat solo.

I live solo.

Pleasantly surprised, I giggle.

I'm solo.

While I know being alone doesn't...

about 2 months ago