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About Me-
Hello I'm Mack,
My pronouns are she/her,
I'm Bisexual,
I am 14 years young and I'm an aries,
I am a competitive cheerleader,
My favorite movie is Child's Play 2,
My favorite show is The 100,
Good Bi hehe

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Favorite Quotes

It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission"- Ryen Morris

"Why was 6 afraid of 7? Well I assume it's because 7 is a prime number and prime numbers can be intimidating."- Castiel (Supernatural)

So, I'm bisexual, so what. It's a thing. And It's REAL. I mean it's called LGBTQ for a reason. There's a B in there. And it doesn't mean badass. Okay it kinda does. But it also means bi. - IDK I saw this on a flask.

Fears are fears. Slay your demons when you’re awake, they won’t be there to get you in your sleep. - Bellamy Blake (The 100)

“If I don’t have some cake soon, I might die.” Stanley Hudson (The Office)

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