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~i will be posting current stories i'm writing here to hold myself accountable.~

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hola, folks.
i'm queenie, as a lot of you guys may know. i'm using this account to keep my novels/stories i'm writing separate from my other works of miscellaneous crud.

Published Work

ana plus quinn (6)

Ana left early that morning, the smell
of her perfume lingered in my sheets.

That same shyness seemed to wash over us again as we got dressed. I watched as she pulled her hair up into a messy bun and smoothed out the front of her dress.

She slipped out the front door just as the sun peeked over the clouds, but not before giving me a quick kiss goodbye.

I shut the door behind me and whirled around to face my dad, pajama-clad, a smirk on his lips.

“You sly dog.” He ran a hand through his shoulder length locks, working his fingers through the knots he came across.

“Dad, please, it was nothing weird.” I yawned. “Please, if she comes back around and you’re here, don’t do anything..cringy.”

“You can spare me the details,” He twisted his wild mane into a bun and pulled at the hem of his tanktop. Slowly, he shuffled to the kitchen and started...

ana plus quinn (5) (tw in message box)

I didn’t mean for it to happen.
But when I woke up the next morning
Ana was curled up in my arms, wearing
Nothing but one of my shirts - a Beatles one that she’d probably gotten from one of my dresser drawers.

After leaving the ballet studio, we walked in silence. Ana just kept her head down and wouldn’t stop rubbing that one spot on her neck.

I knew she couldn’t go home like that, so I invited her to my place.
It was only my dad and I, and it had been that way for a long time. He’s an English professor at the local community college, a quiet, but opinionated guy, who I had inherited my curls from.
(I don’t know why that was important to mention, but here we are.)
He didn’t care that I used he/them pronouns, he just cared that I was happy and stuff.
I’m making him sound so..distant. But I swear, he’s...

ana plus quinn (4) (tw in message box)

Ana slipped into a funk after hearing what Charlie had to say about her all those weeks ago.

“Poor thing. It’s like she’s wilted.” Allie said as me and her slunk into a booth. I nodded automatically and looked out onto the frosted world around us. Winter had really come on strong.
“Yeah, she’s startin’ to look really depressed.” Squid said without looking up from his phone. I ignored him.

As Ana sat down with our orders, I noticed that her eyes seemed puffier than usual. The stuff that ringed her eyes, mascara, was dry and crumbly.
Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, nothing like how she usually had it done, so shiny and well-styled, I guess.

“Hey.” I reached out for her hand, usually so well manicured, but her polish was chipped and peeling. “You doin’ alright?”

She sniffed. “Yeah,” She grinned at me and tabbed the leg of my glasses. “You look cute with those...

ana plus quinn (3)

After Ana and I became a thing, 
biology class became a lot more interesting. 
She would pass me little heart-shaped post its
and I would slip them into my pocket 
to save for later. 

No one seemed to notice. 
And that's the way both of us liked it. 
I got to know her friends, like the popular
cheerleading girl that waved to her 
that one day?

Yeah, it turned out she and Ana had been
friends for years, and got into Animal crossing together.

We would all sit together during our lunch period
and play it on our consoles. 

As much fun as it was,
I was starting to miss my own crew. 

Take for instance, my best friend
Charlie was short for Charlene. 
She told me, on the first day of 
kindergarten to call her that
'cause Charlene was the name of 
her dad's pet hamster that died when 
he was seven. 

Yeah, not the most sentimental 
namesake.  ...

ana plus quinn (2) (tw: homophobic language referenced)

Being a junior in high school can be compared to, let's say, 
Satan looming over you while you walk over hot coals,
except those hot coals also have razor sharp knives jabbed
into them.

Yeah, it sucks. 
I think about the girl, Ana all day. 

Well, mostly the whole day. 
In between fifth and sixth period
I went to my locker
and found my textbooks with shit written 
all over them in big magic marker. 

My History textbook had FAG
written across the cover.
Math textbook - TWINK 
scrawled across the back cover.

I just sighed, pulled a wet wipe from my pocket and started scrubbing at ‘em.

I rarely regretted coming out
But this was the exception.
I looked around for the perp,
But I already knew who it was.

I gave up after at least five minutes of tireless elbow grease.
I was gonna be late for gym.

Don’t even get me started on that.
After a...

ana plus quinn (1) {see footnotes}

I hadn’t known her name until today.
She was a long, straight brown curtain from behind.
When she turned around, I was met with the two most beautiful pools of hazel I’d ever seen.
Her round face was smattered with little pockets of freckles, and her lips were full, glossy and pink.
“Can I borrow a pencil?” She asked.
I fumbled for my pencil case and grabbed a fresh one with the lead still inside.

She grabbed it with a flutter of her wrist.
“Thanks, Quinn.”

The rest of the lecture, I couldn’t focus on anything but her.
Soon, the bell rang, and we all hurried for the door, straggling to get out as fast as we possibly can.
Me and the girl stayed in the back, having gotten caught in the crossfire of it all.
The girl nibbled at her French-manicured fingertips, and her feet shifted into first position.

Of course. A ballerina. She was slight and coltish, kinda...