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I love BTS, (kpop in general )I am also a fujoshi, I also like manga, anime, and drawing. My favorite movie is Hamilton (Really just a musical) favorite song: All the songs in Hamilton, all BTS songs and most Kpop songs UwU

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I love you my little mochies, pls stay safe and remember to follow me, and I will follow you back :3 also THANK YOU VERY MOCHI, for 80+ followers UwU
Started: November 18, 2020, ALSO I REALLY need help with editing/punctuation so any tips would help. :3
¨I am more scared of falling than landing¨
-Suga from BTS
¨Ï just wanna be happier¨
-V from BTS

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The Murder transcript: Confession of Stacey Murphy?


Overall, this was a great story! these are only suggestions and you can ALWAYS do it how you want. Thanks for making such an awesome story!:3:3

15 days

The Things They Tell Writers

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

Overall, I enjoyed reading this piece and hope you have a good day!:3:3

26 days

the green grassy hill in 1923


Overall, this was a great piece! I will definitely try to see any other pieces you make because this was just...GREAT!:3:3

about 2 months

Divinely living with wind


Overall, I really enjoyed reading this piece and can't wait for many more of your AMAZING writings to come.:3:3

about 2 months