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Magnum- Posting one chapter every week! *coughs*

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Favorite Books:
The Hunger Games
Maze Runners

"A reader lives a hundred lives before dying"-?
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt by heart" - Helen Keller
"You don't know what you got till you lose it"-Some Smart Person

Published Work


Lemonade over the glass
Spilling onto the grass
I don't realize it happened
Until the drops kissed my toes

Days are longer
The sun's out more
Going to school
Now seems like a chore

Beach water swishes around
While I duck for another wave
Looking out into the ocean
Is sparkling with shine

Meeting my best friends
At the end of the day
Cools me down
On the sleeping bags we lay


    My head hangs low while I walk through school. People stare at me and quietly whisper to their friends near them, their eyes full of pity. I pull my hood up, but it does little to mask my identity. When I approach my locker, I see a sad face drawn on it. I try to rub it away, but the distinct smell of permanent mark mocks. The some people nearby my locker kindly offer to help, but I shake my head. I ignore the face and open the locker hearing some clucking tongues passing by. I get my stuff and hurry to class. I wasn't late, quite early actually, but classes were usually empty till the first bell rings. After a couple of minutes of settling in, I hear teachers lingering near the door. I put down my book and try to eavesdrop. But it was quite hard to because their hushed voices were as quiet as could...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!
I'm not a 103!
My parents are lucky


    So you know when you make a bad joke and then get nasty looks and coughs? All you have to do is flee the area before people start hitting you with their comments on how "pathetic" you joke was. So if I were you, avoid making jokes in the first day of school AT ALL COSTS. Because then people will forever label you "The Bad Joke Kid" and you will suffer in life. So much for a joke, right?
    Imagine everyone taking a stressful test worth 70 points. The air isn't oxygen, its tension. You are circling a answer, but your pencil breaks. You look in your pencil pouch and don't have any sharpened pencils in it. Your brain has the red alert signal going off loudly and your face has that look. The look where your mouth is a straight line and sweat is dripping from your forehead. The sharpener is a little away from...

April Grab Bag


    Byree. Those were the last words I imagined when my brother ripped my Barbie doll in half. "You can't do that Mark!" I yell. "I think I just did," he says with a smirk; always trying to act cool and tough. "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM! Momma is going to make you ground-ed." I snap my fingers at the last word. "Not if she can't find me!" He runs out of the room and flies down the stairs while practically tripping on the last step. I shake my head, but don't cry. My eyes go toward my stationary box. Sighing, I pick it up and open. Two popsicle sticks, one sharpie.I glue the sticks to make a cross and write R.I.P. Lucy on it. I carefully pick Lucy up and take the cross with me. When I go down the stairs, Mom bumps into me. "Oh god, did he break your doll again?" Before I could answer, she yells for Mark and goes...



My breath is quick as I fall down from tripping on a rock
Soft grass tickles my skin as clear droplets of water fall down
I put my palms to the ground and stand to start running again

Magnum Chp. 6

      Mom continues driving and tries to find a parking spot, but everything is full. There are cars parked even on the small grass field in the entrance! I look around to find some police cars, but there are none. Mom mumbles something about happening and parks the car in the grass too.
     "Mom! That's illegal, you can't park the car in the grass!" Mia yells. Mom ignores her. I'm not sure if Mia really cares about it being illegal or one of her friends seeing it. We all quickly get out of the car and run toward the entrance.
      "What the heck is happening mom, again?!" Mia says panickily. She is definitely annoyed about being out of the loop. So am I.
     "Calm down. Calm down. Everyone is stocking up for Magnum because there might be food shortages around the world," Mom says causally like that happens everyday. I feel like she knows a...

Magnum Chp. 5

    "Boom! Blood is all over your dinosaur Ella. My t rex won! Na-nana boo-boo!" Tom "brags" to me after my triceratops and his t rex do a "bloody" fight. I make my triceratops run into the t rex in full speed and declare victory.
    "Cheater! You cheated!" Tom yells and then pouts. He folds his arms together, well rather tries to because doesn't really know how to. After a minute or so he gets into his pose and hmphs. I sigh into laughter and walk out his room. "Where are you going, Ella?!" Tom calls out of his room. "In my room. Don't you dare follow me!" I say back to him.
    As I walk in my room I close the door and belly jump onto my bed. I grab the LED light remote and put them on. My head instantly turns to try to find Magnum or rather two little bright lights, but only sees the...

Magnum Chp. 4

    I hop off the bus as I see Nicole and Maya come out of theirs.
    "Heyyyyyy, Ella! Wassup?" Maya asks. Nicole and I glance at each other.
    "What happened?" Maya asks. Nicole and I burst out laughing.
    "Omg, we were gonna do a ignoring you prank, but we just can't!" Nicole laughs. Maya straddles us both, but also kind of hugs us if that's even possible. We walk to school together and hear this one word in every hallway we go.
    I am honestly surprised people care about the asteroids when they aren't even gonna hit near us.
    "Did you guys hear about the asteroids? Its going to be so exciting to watch them hit Earth! Its so sad that they will hit while we are in school," Nicole says. Yeah, that is going to be very sad, but we can always watch re-runs. "Yeah,...

YOU, The Writer


    Once the drop of water touches the ground, it keeps on flowing.

Pandemic Metaphor

My Window

A stained window
Light shines through
Wipe away the stain
There will be no pain

Friendship Tweet

Dedicated to-

friendship is everywhere.
undefinable, yet
friendship comes from within
in the place beaming with light.
everyone has it.
friendship can be done anywhere.
with anyone.
friendship is a part of life.
helping each other out.
talking on the phone for hours.
fights that get explosive to end in laughter.
defending each other in right (sometimes even wrong!).
friends are parts of family.
not blood related but
from within.
true friendship is unbreakable.

I randomly found this on my Word...

Practicing not getting lost
In the school halls free of cost
Meeting new kids around school
Wishing you were still in a pool
Getting new school supplies from Walmart
Pushing around a heavy cart
Getting up early in the morning
Wishing school was not so boring
Remembering the new schedule
Lugging your backpack like a mule
Sucking up new information in your head
Wishing you were still in bed

Acrostic Poems VII

My favorite subject LOL
Answers and equations
Torment for others (apparently)
Holly had 11 blue marbles and 1 yellow marble. What is the probability that Holly picks a yellow marble? WHY SHOULD I CARE?!

Song Writing Competition 2021

Back Up

Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

I'm done

Walking in a noisy park
Playgrounds full of trash
Kids craving stones to make their mark
Is anything gonna be the same again

2020 came past by
Celebrations broke out everywhere
But all we can do is cry
Is anything gonna be the same again

But we don't back down
Throw obstacles at us
We're gonna get through this together
White and brown, faces
We solve these difficult, mazes
Don't you worry now
Don't you worry now

Walking in a silent park
Playgrounds full of grass
Kids craving stones to make their mark
Everything gonna be the same again

2021 is here now
Things are changing
We're done being the one to bow
Everything gonna be the same again

Acrostic Poems VI

Sun is finally showing its colors
Pries winter out of the place and throws it out the room xD
Ready to bloom those flowers!
In the second half of the half of the year (very complicated lol)
Not cold, not hot, just right
Groundhog determines when it comes-

Acrostic Poems V

Wonderful creatures
One of the many wonders
Man is in the name but part of wonder is as well
Eat, work, sleep. Repeat
Navigators of the life boat

Acrostic Poems IV

Misconception brought to your eyes
have no idea what that thing is
Ready to show off
Representation of what others see
Only to be truthful
Reflection of yourself

#TomyAstros *FOOTNOTES*

The red circle bringing a smile to my face
And I click it
People like my pieces
Comment on them
And then follow me
Since November the count got bigger
And bigger

We finally are here
Where I can proudly say "I have a 100+followers!"
Cause these follows aren't just numbers
They are

I don't know these strangers
But I welcomed them to my family
Our family

So Astros
Thank you
For the joy
That comes to me when I hear Write the World
Cause you (everyone) made it


my best friend's ghosting me
and i don't know why
she talks with everyone else but me
at least i don't cry

we didn't have any fights
so there really is no reason
its been like 15 nights
and she still hasn't talked

everyone else she is texting
she really needs to stop
the silence has been growing
and so is the glowing hatred

i have no idea why she is mad at me
not telling me isn't gonna help
just please talk with me
cause ur getting really annoying now

i hope you come back sooner or later
cause i feel like your a traitor

Numerous Narrators

Take Off

    Michael: "Welcome to Emirates Airline," the fancy dressed lady says to no one in particular. I shuffle through the bustling hallways and get to my seat. My hands lift the heavy black bag up into the stowage and I go to the window seat. I put my backpack down the narrow spot beneath my feet and get my earphones and phone out the front pocket. I feel the cold surface of the earphones and put on a song. I put the volume all the way high, just the way I like it. My eyes naturally fall to the window. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around.
    Riley: "Uh, hi. Can you help me get the bags in the luggage holder please. I can't really reach it." I politely say. The boy in the window seat with shaggy dark hair unplugs those annoying earphones asks me to repeat myself. "Can you please help...

Acrostic Poems III

Running down the pathway of air
Always dripping somewhere
In the darkest times they fall
Never ending cycle

Acrostic Poems II

Beware of them, you never know when they flip.
Free to always helping you in your worst times.
Fellow precious companion of yours.

Acrostic Poems I

Can you even believe Romans did this to us?
Useless thing, doesn't come when needed.
Pathetic mythological creature.
It's a version of Katniss, but just 10x dumber and bleh.
Diaper wrapped baby who knows how to shoot arrows.

The Storm in the World

I can see it in your eye
A shiney sad glimmer
Don't you dare cry
I can feel it coming

I'll hold the bucket
When the tear comes out
I'll take it out in the drain
Won't listen to your shout

Make a fire in the rain
Cause that's what we do
Don't you take the pain
Squeeze it out

Your words flutter in the wind
I see one of them sad and sulking
My hand takes hold of them
Crushing it to nothing

This is the world we live in
Filled with hate and sadness
Love will always win
Or I will come


Imagine a human
Laughing in confusion
Probably cause their at
The edge of devastation

Imagine their eyes are red
Standing in a pool of tears
Screaming for help
But no one hears


They call me Eiei.
Or so that's what they tell me.
I like to to think of myself as a mystery.
I wonder if anyone does too.
I don't like the obvious.
Isn't that obvious?
I like to make things complicated.
Just simple for me.
My style of clothing is mysterious.
They won't know what I wear.
My hair is always up, so you can see the part of the hair that's down.
My fingers are as fast as flash.
They tell me I'm slow.
I just say "I'm a mystery".
Or so that's what they tell me.

Magnum Chp. 3

    "Breaking News! Nasa has found asteroids that are likely to hit us in about a week! We can insure you that they will not be a major damage, but you might be able to feel the ground move when it hits!" I hear the news man, Ronald, shout. We are all gathered in the living room hearing the news before we sleep like we always do. It can't be anything more different than your California earthquakes. But to be honest, I kinda found it weird how Nasa found these asteroids just a week before they will hit. In Science class, I would usually hear Nasa would find asteroids years if not decades before asteroids come close to us.
    "Nasa is calling the asteroids "Magnum" because they are huge. They will be hitting in the Indian Ocean near Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu in India. They can cause 10 foot waves, but the town will be evacuated before anything happens to...

Magnum Chp. 2

    In the evening, I go out for a long bike ride in my neighborhood. I wonder if I will see Nicole since she lives close by us. I hear kids voices and look back. A woman, probably their mom is playing with two identical twins. Mom. My parents were divorced in Minnesota seven years ago when I was only six and Mia eight. We moved to California where dad met our current mom, Melissa and had Tom after one year. Mia and I don't exactly know why mom and dad got divorced, but we think it was something related to drugs because she remembers hearing drugs in conversations with dad and our birth mom. I don't remember much about our birth mom, but I know she was very beautiful. Unlike most children whose parents got divorced, we never saw mom in the weekends or ever. Dad always tried to make us feel better about it, but we could see...

25 Words


"3.." My hands shake as I put on my final seatbelt.
"2.." I look out the window one last time.
"1.." Goodbye Earth. Goodbye home.

February Grab Bag

The Terrible Three

a 150-word story starting with the word “Pandemonium” (by Mahathi.S)

    Pandemonium came out of its home. Streets flooded with protesters with a false belief in themselves. Their eyes were full of vexation, the kind you definitely want to stay away from. The event was bad history in making. Windows were shattered and rooms broken into. Thousands watched live with horror and confusion. Some even with laughter. Patriots they called themselves. Traitors, they were actually. Some are unknown, and some are publicly known. It entirely wasn't their fault either. The main so called patriot had gave them the idea. The idea that caused the pandemonium. It was in making years ago and finally got applied. The base was strong, but inevitable change was up ahead. The light in a tunnel. Their ringleader was evacuated from the insurrection and charges, but everyone knows the truth. You don't need to yell out sugar for the ants to come. They just know.

A diary...


Omg! I just read about the Titanic and it was so beautiful, grand and big!
Yeah, but it sunk

Let's go to disney! It would be so much fun to ride the roller coasters!
Yeah, but we could fall off and die

Where do you want to go? Maybe we can go get a pizza!
Yeah, but we can choke on it

Can we go to Ikea to buy furniture? We need to jazz up this place!
Yeah, but it can fall on us

We should go to a party to cheer ourselves up!
Yeah, but we could get trampled and stomped on

Maybe we should visit a friend of ours. That would be super fun!
Yeah, but what they try to murder us

I'm bored. Let's play video games.
Yeah, but we could get electrified

Is there anything we can do safely?!

YOU in threes

Threes that Matter to Me

Three quirks or idiosyncrasies
1. I hate the wrong
2. I move my leg when I am nervous
2. I bite my bottom lip A LOT
Three communities to which you belong
1. School
2. Neighborhood
3. Family (IDK what communities I'm in! xD)
Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you
1. Funny
2. Loyal
3. Smart (Idk why they say that cause I am not smart. More on that peridot)
Three adjectives your family would use
1. Outgoing
2. Confident
3. Annoying
Three adjectives you would use
1. Funny
2. Kind
3. Strong
Three things about you that very few people know
1. I want to become an astronomer
2. I love to dance and I think I am ok at it
3. I like to fashion or whatever
Three beliefs you hold
1. I don't believe in any religion, but I do believe in a greater power (God)
2. Your small choices (not all obvs)...

Farm Girl

    The Farm Girl. She who wakes up to the smell of eggs and bacon. She who happily skips to the kitchen think "Oh boy. Lots of good ol' tasks. She who hurriedly goes to the animals to feed them. She who milk the cows. She who brushes the many manes for horses. She who plays in the hey in the free time. She who holds her nose as she cleans the litter. She who plays in the meadows happily with out a care. She who sleeps after a long day's of work and dreams of the next day...

Dedicated to Masa

Oh I'm in pain
I'm still here
Calling out your name

You can put me in the grave
But you can always remember
I was brave

I was strong and bold
It kept me alive in
the harshness of the cold

I got out of the fear
You where nothing
but a tear

I'm just a untold tale
Like many
A win not a fail

MY Seasons (Footnotes!)

Freshly cut grass smells
Beach, hot weather, New Jersey
The sun makes it all.

Leaf falls on my hand
Sweatshirts, cool weather, pumpkins
The wind does it all.

The calls for snow day
Snuggles, cold weather, Christmas
The vibes build it all.

Friends and I make fun
Break, perfect weather, nature
People have it all.

Magnum Chp. 1

    I wake up to the start of something moving in my comforters. In front of me is a dino pj onesie with blond hair sticking out of it.
    "Elle! Wake up!" Tom whines to me. I slowly rise, realizing it's 9:00. "Let's play Dino!"
    "Not now Tom. I just woke up. I need to get ready for the day and eat breakfast," I murmured. I had so many things to do today and none of them is play Dino with Tom. I rub my eyes while Tom gets up on my bed, and starts jumping. As I begin to scold him, I hear big footsteps coming up.
    "Tom! Come back here and eat your breakfast! Mommy has made pancakes for you two and a tortilla omelet wrap for your sister. Hurry up or I'll eat all the pancakes!" dad yells from the staircase. No wonder I was smelling something good. Tom quickly gets up...

Magnum Trailer!

    "Mom? Dad? Are we safe here?" Tom says in a very concerned baby voice. "We are fine, Tommy. We're just playing a small game here, ok?" Dad says while gently brushing Tom's hair with his fingers.
    "Whoever is the last to leave the basement gets a treat from me for Rita's!" Mom says with a weak smile. We all have a nervous laugh, thinking the same thing. Will we be even alive by then? Nicole gets out her phone and scrolls through her Instagram.
    "Magnum is gonna hit us in five minutes!" she says while looking up from her phone. I grab her phone and see. The most trending hashtag is Magnum, with almost everyone using it. "We should probably turn on the news," Mom says with a sigh. She gets out of her leopard print blanket and walks toward the pool table. She grabs the remote and turns on our T.V.
    "Guys, we have just...

Mid-January Grab Bag


a myth that explains why the sky turns black at night

    A long time ago, when the sky was white, there were to brothers who were also the sons of the God. One was named day and one night. They loved each other dearly and were together all the time. Nothing could separate these two brothers. All the villagers in the town were jealous of their harmony, and wanted a sibling like that.
    One day, when the two brothers had grown up, their father approached them. He was getting very old and couldn't keep up with all the struggles of creating new things on Earth. The God said, "Dear sons, I am getting very old as you already know. I can not keep up with inventing things on Earth, so I am giving it to you guys. I put everyone to sleep, so no one can see this happening." He took it out of the bag...


I am the light in the darkness
I am the flower in the crack of the sidewalk
I am the summer in the school year
I am the salary after a long week of work
I am the 2 year old awaited movie just released
I am the rose in plant of thorns
I am every good thing

The Windowsill

    I sit by the dusty windowsill, staring into space as the cushions beneath me flatten out. Lolo's name slips out of my mouth and she quietly cuddles into my lap. I take another sip from my bitter green tea, thinking to add a tiny bit of sugar to take some bitterness off, but procrastinate. Out the window, snow covers the ground like a thin sheet of blanket. A toddler with bright red boots run through the snow leaving a footprint trail with stars on it. My hands stroke Lolo's course orange fur as she meows into my knee, feeling something vibrate in it. A squirrel near my building sits as still as the building itself, only to move its head. A pickup truck slowly backs away from the parking lot and disappears in the churning blizzard. My hands bring up my mug to take a long sip as I move toward my nightstand. Lolo jumps of my lap...

In the Meadow - Part 2

    The creaky wooden floorboards make indescribable noises beneath our feet as we walk. The house looked modern and lived in, but eerily empty. "Hello? Where are you?" I manage to say. I gulp down my fear and walk up the stairs following Zizzy. I was then struck with a weird thought. Why would anyone let there small kid alone in a house with the door open? "Zizzy, why do you think the girl's alone in a huge house with the front door open?" "I... I don't know..." Zizzy says with clear confusion in her voice. "You think this is a good idea?" she asks me. "What do you mean?!  You were the one who said to go inside. Anyway, let's just help and get out of here." I exasperate. We reach the top of the stairs and hear baby music playing in one of the rooms. "Come.." Her voice was high pitched, but quiet. We slowly walk to the room and...

In the Meadow - Part 1

    I shudder in the wind walking toward Zizzy's house. So much for Girl Scouts. By the time I'm over there, my hands are practically frozen. Zizzy's mom opens the door and ushers me to go inside. I set my bag down and walk to the warm fireplace. "I'm almost ready!", Zizzy calls out of her room. She flies down the stairs, with her long black hair trailing behind her. "Got the cookies?" she asks. "Their by the doorway. I almost got hypothermia just walking to your house." I laugh. Her mom chuckles as she tells us she can drive us to the places we need to ask for donations. We politely say no and get outside. "Are you sure you don't want to go in your mom's car? It's so cold!" I tell her. "Nah. My mom is the world's slowest driver. It would take a day to go to all the houses." I groan and say "Fine. You are...

Why I Write

Why I Write...

I write to advocate
I write to change ideas
I write to entertain
I write to show new light
I write to show feelings
I write to forget
I write to make a new world to live in

December Grab Bag

The Job I wish I never had

    As a poor immigrant, any job that came to me I would do. Trust me, I have done it all. From cleaning windows 30 stories up to fixing a leak in the sewer. But I had this one job, just this one, that I wish I never had. And boy, would you be surprised since I earned the highest on this job.
    It was a regular sunny day with bustling cars and tall skyscrapers. I was going to Sumitomo Mitsui, the restaurant I was currently working in as a waiter. I went inside, grabbed my apron and started working. As I was moving this big bag of rice, a customer who was in this fancy suit asked me to come outside. I was in a hurry, but I didn't want to upset the customer, so I went outside. And he told me this.
    "I saw you carrying the bag of rice in one...


Life is a open book
Is just how you read it
We all have our chapters
Happy and sad
It also has a dedication
To family or the world
You never know what you will get
Till you turn the page


January: I got pneumonia but then got better
February: Drama started to show but it was whatever
March: Corona locked school but that's cool, right?
April: I'm bored but more screen time!
May: I had my birthday but it was like no other
June: Hours. Of. Math. but nothing fun
July: I saw blacks lives matter but thought all lives matter
August: I don't need any more freaking drama but at least it kept me busy (idk what to say)
September: WHY IS THERE HYBRID but barely any virtual
October: Boo!
November: Yes but no
December: We have no family gettogether but for good cause 

A Ritual for Now

The Diwali We didn't Have

    Every year in Diwali, we have big fireworks. I would throw lots of pop-its on my dad and we would laugh. My mom would be taking a gazillion pictures with more than have of them blurred. I would be dancing with the sparklers with my family in joy. Sometimes, our neighbors would join us. It would be a beautiful and wonderful day.
    Now, Covid-19 took control. One smart person once said "You don't know what you got till you lose it". There was no fun night outside. There were no fireworks or sparklers. There were no pop-its on my dad or a gazillion blurry pictures in my mom's phone. There were no laughs. But there was, in fact, Covid-19.

The Drabble

The Door

    I walk toward the door, hesitant. Will she forgive me? I raise my fist to knock, but put it down. No. I certainly wouldn't forgive myself if someone did that to me. Maybe she forgot it? It was 5 years ago, but the memories are still fresh in my head and maybe her's too. I could almost feel the rain from the day and the tears on my cheeks after I realized what I just did. Till this I regret what I did and forever and forever. I turn and walk the sidewalk as I hear a window open. "Kevin?".

Christmas Gift

You felt me in tears
I'm still holding the box
Letting out my biggest fear
That you kept in the box

Should I runway?
Or I just sit here?
Should I make you pay?
I don't even know anymore

I'm wondering to myself
Some things a kid would
Can I be Santa's elf
To escape this horrible madness

You gave me the box
It was Christmas Eve.
I opened the box
And I told you to leave


I know you feel slump
I know you feel sad
But as you already know
I want to help, but I just can't

I want to see you
I miss your smile a lot
There is nothing left for you
But you have shut me off

I'll wait
Looking out the window day by day
But I already know the things
That you need to say

I have given up hope
I don't know why
It's because of you
You left me with a bye

Pandemic Memoir

Six Words

What the heck just freaking happened?!

Rich Face

    "CHRISTOPHER!" I hear my mom yell. I finally wake up and see what time it is. 7:30?! The bus is leaving in like 20 minutes! Frick, I thought I put on the 7:00 alarm. I already messed up the first day of the New Year. A bad sign my grandma would have called it. I get down from my soft bed yelling me to sleep and go to the bathroom. Where. Is. The. TOOTHPASTE?! Mollie must have replaced it. Sisters seriously suck. I go in my parents bathroom, brush and shower and quickly go into the kitchen. "No breakfast for you Chris. Haha." Mollie teases me. "Mooommm" "What? You should have woken up early and gotten breakfast! Geez Christopher, what are you doing these days?" mom lectures me as she chooses what vest to wear. Boy, does she have a lot of vests. I pour some orange juice and grab a bagel from Mollie's plate. "HEY!" I finish eating,...

Will you unfollow if I told you-

      Hi guys! This is just my honest opinion, so please don't hate me on this. 2020 is starting to end (thank god) and I wanted to end the year with a "quick little paragraph" about this year in my perspective. So, here it goes.
    Let me start at chronological order. The first big event that happened was coronavirus. I absolutely hate the people who are right now partying and putting their lives on danger. I also hate people going to restaurants and acting nothing at all has happened. Just recently my family and I went to the mall to pick up some clothes and I can not tell you how many people without masks there were! Some people HAD masks, but the masks were chilling by the chin. Seriously?! People are out here dyeing of this horrible vaccine and you guys are here hanging out. Dis-gusting. Look, I don't hate the Chinese, but I seriously think...

The Run

    I grab my spit shield and put on my running shoes. Its go time, I think. I decide where to run first. Harry Hills? Bullying Bridge? Galloping Sidewalks? Monster Verge? I decide on Monster Verge and start to run toward it. I see lots of green spikes in the ground today, so I try extra hard to stay on the galloping sidewalks. The Monster Verge is a few feet up ahead and I go toward it. Run, run, run. I come on the monster verge which is on a bronze bridge. Lots of monsters in square boxes are on the big, fat, grey sidewalk. I start to run and see the dangerous waters below me. Run, run, run. As I am halfway through the monster verge, I see droplets of clear spit fall from the evil sky. Not today; oh no! I cover myself in my spit shield and start to run faster. The monsters have start...



beautiful isn't it rain
you know how heavy rain sounds? the kind that people use to sleep?
i am hearing that now but not from a video from my window
droplets always together
once in the ocean together :)
then get sadly separated because of evaporation :(
(this is not a science lesson btw)
then they get happily together in the clouds :)
to only fall EXTREMELY HARD on the pavement of lots of driveways like mine and get seperated :(
but find each other in a puddle :)
beautiful isn't it rain


November Grab Bag

Possum Awesome

    Hi whoever is reading this!
      I am a teen possum. And I need YOUR help. 1 month ago, I came inside this empty building and went in the attic. And then I couldn't get out. I have been trying to get out for a month now, but... (sorry I am getting emotional)  I can't. I just can't! And a lot has changed in a month. Now, instead of drilling noises, I hear human voices. I am not sure if humans bite, but I absolutely cannot risk it. I am SOOOO scared. Please help. One day, some humans CAME UP HERE and put big brown boxes here. They blocked my sun light and now I am in the dark. I got so scared of the darkness, I fainted. By the way, boxes taste really good. You should try them AFTER you save me. I don't know where I live tho... I know there is a lot of...

Novel Writing Competition 2020

Running War

       I run away furiously, not looking back. Tears come down faster than gunshots. I already know the only place I ever loved and lived in, is covered in flames. "What are you doing?! Go get her blöd!" I hear. I run in the vast, brown woods hiding from the soldiers. I have been here so many times for hunting prey, but I never came here being the prey. I don't know where my mama, tata and little brother are, but I know to run as fast as I can. Leaves and twigs are crunching beneath my feet when I desperately want them to be quiet. I run till midnight, until I am sure no one is following me. I pause to rest, my feet aching. I make a pile of colorful leaves and sit down. Thousands of questions fill my head. How did the Nazis find out we're Polish? Where are my family? Are they safe? I...

Jimmy the Sock

    Hi! My name is Jimmy and my twin is Limmy. We live in the on Upper-Left Drawer Avenue. We have 14 people in our neighborhood including my twin and me. We have been living here since for 5 whole months. We are one of the newer socks. Some other socks have been here for, like, a year! Rumor is... after we get TOO old… our owner, Josh, THROWS us out. Literally, I'm not kidding!
     Every once a week, we go on a adventure with Josh! He puts us in The Shoe to go. We first go to this big, crowded building called something like "High School". We stay there for hours and we hear so many voices, our ears hurt. Then, we sometimes go home and get thrown in The Basket or we go to another house.
     Also, every once a week, Josh's mom, Jenner, puts us in a big machine that turns us over and...

Friday the 13th

Me: Hii
Bailey: Hii wassup
Me: Nothin bored
Bailey: Its ffrrriiiddddaaayy the 13thhhh
Me: Lol. u believe in that?
Bailey: Nope just trying to give you the spooky vibe
Me: lol
Bailey: Well... I am kinda creeped out since i saw something move in my closet 
Me: WHAT?!
Bailey: Jk jk
Me: Ok lol
Bailey: soo i don't see ur car in the driveway
Me:  Oh yeah because my parents went to Target to get some supplies for dinner
Bailey: They let u alone in night?!
Me: nah, they wouldn't allow me at first, but i said they r going for like a 10 min trip so like i am safe
Bailey: ohh okkkk
Me: Yeah
Bailey: I think ur parents r back rn
Me: No they let left like a minute ago
Bailey: there toyata is in the driveay rn tho
Me: wha- I see it too! oh well i wonder why they came so early
Me: I'll...

Piece of the Running War

  I run away, not looking back. Tears come down faster than gun shots. I already know the only place I ever loved and lived in, is covered in flames. "What are you doing?! Go get her blöd!" I hear. I run in the vast, brown woods hiding from the soldiers. I don't know where my ma, pa and little brother are, but I know to run as fast as I can. Leaves and twigs are crunching beneath my feet when I desperately want them to be quiet. I run till midnight, until I am sure no one is following me. I pause to rest, my feet aching. I am too scared to sleep, but my body says otherwise.
       That night I dream of my ma and I walking past a crowded ghetto going to Aunt Aleksander's clothing shop. I can see and hear sadness all around, while I hear the Nazis heavy footsteps. Aunt Aleksander's shop is small,...