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Currently working on two series:
*Kingdom on a Cloud
*The Other Side (collab w/VirginaTechGirl101)
Read them PLEASE! XD

Talk to me about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Fablehaven, Beyonders, Five Kingdoms, Anne of Green Gables, :)

After you're done here, go read my real-life friend BriRiley's writing! And my WtW friends Ava Marie and VirginiaTechGirl101! They are all super talented. :)

Proud member and Co-President of the Cult of the Crunch (ask (sk)eyesofocher for more info)

Don't hesitate to ask if you want a review, comment, whatever! I love getting to know all the awesome writers on here, and helping you any way I can!

Want to collab? Just let me know! I'd love to! :)

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The Missing Letter

PROMPT: September Grab Bag

it would be impossible to write something without using this letter. You could try, try, try forever, but you would end up spinning in cirles, using weird words people don't get. I bet it would be tricky to even get three lines done without using it. So, don't even bother trying. It's pointless.

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PROMPT: August Grab Bag

Write about a new star. What do you name it and why? (nervousbibliophile)

A flash of light illuminates the sky. A new star, small and pure white, has appeared in the heavens. It may seem insignificant, compared to the billions of other stars in the universe. But each star exists separately, its own shape and size, with its own imperfections. This new star is called Singula. Singula means "individual" in Latin. This represents that this new star deserves...
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SamRose (United States) published:

Absolute Silence

PROMPT: 7 Cubed

Absolute silence is hard thing to achieve.

So hard to get right, so easy to break.

More fragile than glass.

The tiniest thing can crack it; A whisper, a bird's chirp.

The cry of a young child, or the wind whispering through the leaves of a nearby tree.

Sometimes you should leave the unachievable just that: As yet unachieved.

Rethink whether it is something worth acheiving in the first place. 

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She Fainted (True Story)


One moment you were standing in your family room. The next, you hear your friend Al yelp, "Kennedy!" 
You rush over to where Kennedy's unconscious body is lying on your kitchen floor. Blood rushes in your ears, and your brain can't process what you're looking at. Your dad has already reached her and is sitting by her head, trying to wake her up. Kennedy spasms, and her eyes open. She stares blankly, focusing on nothing in particular. She spasms again,...

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