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New Zealand

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Day Dreamer
East Coast Kiwi

Message from Writer

To whom ever comes across my writing, I have always enjoyed the art of writing and reading. The way you can string a whole bunch of words together to create a new world or a person is incredible. I have to admit I am no the best at writing, but who is really? I hope someone enjoys my style of writing, and if not so be it. Please enjoy my random stories with no rhyme or reason.

Published Work

The Art of Specificity

The Loss Of Joy

Janet was lonely.

Janet felt empty and lonely.

Alone, Janet felt the emptiness in the house that was once filled with laughter, but now David was gone, so was the joy.

Emmy Lou


Lovely and Whole

To be alone in this world is almost the worst type of pain,
But love is the worst form of pain, for you can't control love,
Love is what we live for, so we suffer, for it makes us whole.

- Emmy Lou -


My Therapy

My left hand connects with the leather bag, and then my right, and again, over and over untill I feel as if I have nothing left to give, so I hit again. 

But that's the trick you see, when you feel like you have nothing in the tank, you keep going, you keep throwing the jabs and hooks.

Because in a fight, you don't get to decide when to stop, you stop when you win or you lose. 

So my 'therapy' is strange to some, but to me it is my life line. Without it I would fall apart.


The Stalker's Eyes

His eyes, they burn holes through your clothes, through your skin, until he can see your soul.
You can't stop him, you can't hide from his sight.
You will feel like he can see your every thought and feeling.
It is not always the same guy, you may get this feeling from guys with blue eyes, like the first one who stripped away your confidence.
Once he has seen into your soul, there is no turning back, it's like they all know, every single last man knows.
If you don't feel this, you're either lucky or naïve,  you don't have to feel your heart quicken in fear, or have to dart your eyes behind you to see if his is looking or following.
He maybe a regular at your favorite café, and you may have run into him one too many times, so you stop going to your favorite café because of him, because you don't want to feel that...

Year by Year

My Life in Years

Year 1;  Birth- I was born a little sister, I was the apple of my older brother's eye.
Year 2; It was just me and my brother, creating mischief together.
Year 3; Along came my little sister, it was great, now there were three of us.
Year 4; We moved to a house on a hill, we had two dogs who were great friends.
Year 5; We moved down the road, I went to pre-school, I nearly drowned in the river.
Year 6; An earthquake went off in the middle of the night, I was scared.
Year 7; We moved again, My mum was expecting, I started school.
Year 8; We were now a family of six in total, I had another little sister.
Year 9; We moved to town, I hated my new school.
Year 10; We moved again, my little sister started school, my brother and I were still best friends.
Year 11; I had no friends, my...

Pandemic Metaphor

Finding The Wind In The Trees

Finding the wind in the trees,
Is a lot harder than it seems,
After a long time without a breeze,

But I know where to start,
I'll follow the buzzing bees,
I will have to be quick before they freeze,

Now its Christmas I'll look in the fake, plastic trees,
Then down to the shore to test the salty seas,
I still can't find it, not even a hint of our lost breeze,

I haven't found the wind in the trees,
I could do with some help , if you please.

Emmy Lou

The Lying Truth

" You, What's your name?" She points at me.

" It's Liz." I respond already bored by her talk.

" Okay Lizzy, I have a question for you, Why do you dye your hair tips bright green?" She asks, full of optimism.

" I don't know maybe I just like the color." I reply blandly.

"Really?" She asks "Or is it the fact that you are depressed or struggling with your identity the more realistic answer?"

She is getting on my  nerves.

" A study has recently showed that teenagers who die their hair are screaming for help or attention, which do you think you are Lizzy dear?"  She continues.

That's it, last nerve hit, no holding back.

She takes a breathe, believing I have given in. Before she can speak again I cut her off.

" Maybe your right, maybe I am screaming for attention or for help, but people like you have noticed before and still done nothing....

25 Words

The River's Tears

You go down to the river where you first kissed, you curse him for taking your love away from you. You'll mourn for her forever.

My City of Ghosts

I live at the edge of the world,
In a country that is still not old in the eyes of man,
Here is where ghosts like to rest,
Everywhere you turn, 
Everywhere you look,
You see nothing but the ghosts that haunt my home.

These ghosts are angry and sad,
They have tainted the land with their presence,
At night you can hear them crying, screaming for justice,
In their dull, gloomy eyes their way is the only way; that is why they are dead.

I am not suggesting that the dead are not right,
I am saying that their problems are gone,
Their problems are now ours,
So I listen to their worries,
Maybe they will have advice,
But generally they just scream we are doing wrong; which is not helpful.

The dead speak louder than any living soul,
They know the past; so they predict the future,
So here I will stay; at the edge of the world, ...

Letting Go

"I have to let you go," I say on the verge of tears." I have to let go of you because you are dragging me down, and I do not want to be stuck in a pit for the rest of my life.

" Let me go? Are you serious? I have been your best friend since before we could talk" He said confused.

"Yes I'm serious, I have trusted you with my life but now that trust is broken. You lied to me." My voice now shaken.

" I didn't lie to you, I'd never lie to you. As for trusting me, you're the one who let it slip after you swore you wouldn't, so whose trust is at fault?" He was angry.

" I promised to keep that secret as long as it wasn't hurting anyone." I spat these words in his face, returning his anger.

" Who was it hurting? "

"You. You were hurting, and you...

Fear; Our Own Prison

I fear many things;
Not being able to breathe,
Watching others get old,
Sky diving,
The world's impending doom,
Small spaces,
My own anger,
Losing loved ones,
Leaving earth before I have time to live,
Being alone,
And not being good enough.

Yet here I am, still breathing, still laughing. Looking my fears in the eye (except sky diving, never doing that)  I deal with it, yes it scares me it actually terrifies me.

Knowing what your fears are and saying them out loud is hard, because it means they are real. Being real is hard, knowing yourself is harder.

Take a breathe, acknowledge your fear, and get on with it. There is no way around your own fears. 

Author - Emmy Lou

Names for Nature

The Name

"Heaven's Purgatory."

A place where at sunset or sunrise, it is as if God has given the place a kiss good morning or goodnight.
High above the rest, you look down to a strong flowing river, surrounded by pines, poplar, manuka and kanuka trees.
You can hear the birds playing, swooping down and around, teasing the others.
After the sun has set, it turns dark, too dark for most to bear.
The valley is suddenly shrouded in dark, eerie noises and shadows.
It turns from a beautiful place filled with life and peace to something out of a horror film.
This is the place I go to make peace with my past, present and try to be better for the future.

Author - Emmy Lou

What After Would Be Like pt.1

Everything was fine, until it wasn't anymore. It was like life had been a dream and I only just decided to wake up. I was alone, and this alone really means alone. There was no one left, like in the movies after the apocalypse.
The power still worked, so did the cars and phones. But there was no one. My family was gone, my friends were gone, even my enemies had vanished. I did the only thing I could think of, I got in my car with my most valued possessions and drove to the nearest town. I couldn't find anyone anywhere. Eventually I stopped and stepped out of the car to scream, I needed people. There was no one, they were all gone.

I could feel the overwhelming, crushing feeling of a panic attack, my heart beat faster, my mind ran at a million miles, I forgot how to breathe. I could feel the tears and the uncontrollable panic...

Drunk thoughts

I'm not a drinker, I can not lose control.
I am always in control of something or someone.
I'm too sensible to get wasted or high, to fly away to those far off lands of make believe.
I have tried to fly, but God did not give me wings.
But I can see more of the earth without wings, I am able to see every flaw and every beauty.
A clear head gives me more peace and joy than all the alcohol in the world,
being able to get drunk on my imagination and life is good enough for me.
This may seem boring or stupid to some but, I am fine with being able to be happy and drunk because of nature.
I am a control freak, I can not go through a day without being in control of something,
but I can let go for a time if I know I can come back without any after affects. 
I do...

Mid-December Grab Bag

Why Hate?

  • Write a poem using only questions.

Why do you hate it?
Why don't you?

How can you go through life not caring?
How can you go through life with caring?

Do you think your smart, turning my questions around on me?
No, I know I'm smart because you keep asking them, Another?

Are you going to give a straight forward answer?
Are you going to ask a simple question?

Your getting on my nerves, I'm should give up because your not going to help me, Aye?
That was a rhetorical question, so should you give up? 

I won't give up, you need help, can I help?
You can try, I don't know how far it will get you though, how can you help?

I need you to give me a proper answer, Why do you hate?
I say it one more time, Why don't you ?

Author - Emmy Lou

Given First Line

Deep Sea Secrets

"Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board." 

A man's wish is to run,
to run from responsibility,
Not all men want to run, some need to,
They believe that a ship is the best place to run too,
Because there is a chance of not returning,
They seek adventure, danger and freedom,
Life on board a ship gives them all three.

At a distance a ship looks serene and beautiful,
You don't see the struggle and pain it causes to the crew,
Or the families left behind to pick up the pieces.

A wish is a hope that is about to turn into a dream,
People chase dreams because that's what we tell each other the biggest prize in the world is,
But dreams often shatter, 
And a shattered dream causes a break in the cycle of living,
And yet we still chase our dreams because they scream Hope of better,
We all need a...

Pandemic Memoir

My 2020

Vexed of being controlled by governments.


Late Night , End of Year Thoughts

I often think about what people will say about me when I die, will they say the truth or lie?
Will they say I lit up every room I entered,
Or will they say I was always invisible and no one remembered me?

Will they say I was kind, friendly and popular among my peers,
Or will they say I was rude, abrupt, rudely funny and only had a couple close friends?

When I die, I want the people I love to be able to say the truth,
I want them to say I was smart, funny, slightly broken, loyal and protective, and all the rest,
But those are the traits I keep tucked away because the world doesn't want someone like that,
The world doesn't want a real person, it wants fake or completely shattered people.

I'm going ask you, the reader, a question and I'd like you to answer truthfully if you can;

What would people say about...

Living Alone

I am happy alone, 
I am okay with being rejected and ignored by the world,
I find comfort in myself and in nature

You may not understand why I am happy this way,
And that's fine, 
I don't need your approval,
I am going to live my way,
You live yours.

Maybe one day I will become lonely,
Maybe I will want the world to accept me,
But not yet.

Being alone is my silent,
None violent way of rebelling,
I need no one around,
So I can figure out why things are the way they are.

If you see me alone in a Café,
Or in the park,
Let me be, 
Because chances are I am having the best time,
Admiring the world from a distance.

I am okay with being alone,
I am okay with being different,
So don't worry about me,
I'll be fine,
Just like always.

Author - Emmy Lou

Evil Can Be Good

The broken and down trodden,
Will never rise to the top,
They will always fall back into their horrible ways.

No, they will rise far above,
Where no one has been before,
They will be better than all of us.

You truly believe the likes of Him 
Are going to save us?
You are a bigger fool than I thought.

I am no fool, and yes I do believe in people like Him, 
They will save us, because deep down they have more humanity than anyone, 
More humanity than someone who has spent their whole life doing good.

You, my oldest friend have lost your mind,
You trust cold blooded killers over soft, caring people?
Why? Why do you choose to ripe my heart out?

As someone wise once said,
"You can't truly call your self 'peaceful' unless you are capable of great violence.
If you're not  capable of violence, you're not peaceful, your harmless."

What has that got to do...

November Grab Bag

Wait and See

  • Write a poem that includes the word "watch" three times
Look, do you see it?
Watch, did you catch a glimpse?
Wait, it'll come again.

You will stay to see,
You can't leave without a glimpse,
So wait, you'll see.

You can watch for it,
You can stay all day,
You won't regret this,
I promise you just glance this way.

Look, did you see it?
Watch, did you sneak a peek?
Wait, you'll see it someday.

You can not see,
Not with out looking.

Author - Emmy Lou

YOU in threes

Me, Myself and I

I pull faces that don't make sense,
I love the smell of night time air,
and I live in my head 75% of the time.

I belong to my church,
I am part of my community,
And I am the chairman of a fake cult my friend made up.

My friends would describe me as being,
And extremely loud.

My family would describe me as,
And extraordinary.

I think that I am,
crazy mad,
And a real piece of work.

I want to become a potter,
I love willow trees,
And I hate being left alone.

I believe in Christ,
I believe in true love,
And I believe in the moon.

I need to know if I'll make it,
I want to know the secrets of the sea,
And I want to know if I'm normal.

I love being in the kitchen,
I can waste a day away staring at nothing,
And I have the...

Novel Writing Competition 2020

Seashells - Chapter1

Sitting in silence outside the Fern Café, we could feel the tension between ourselves. This would be the last time we would speak for a while and yet I didn't say anything, we just sat. I needed to tell her I was leaving. 

" I'm leaving town for a bit, I can't stay here any more." I said trying to keep cool.
" So you're running, is that it? You think you can run from this?" I could hear her voice  breaking.
"I'm not running May, I just can't be here." I gestured to the small, isolated town we both called home.
" That hole you feel, that pain that something is missing? That will never fade, it will never leave you. You can try to forget but deep down you know it was partly your fault that she was driving that day." May said tears brimming in her dark eyes that held the world.
" I  loved her, I...

The Dementia Demon

Long ago
When I was small you'd pick me and we'd soar
You'd pretend I was hiding where you couldn't see
Or make fun of my wild ways, and let me be
You would steal my food, or at least pretend
You would sing as you go about your day

But you don't do that any more
You sit silently and listen to the world
Not hearing at all what it is has to say
You no longer sing with birds, at the crack of dawn
You are no longer here
I hate the demon who stole you away

I pray when we met again you have gotten all the memories back
That you are singing with the birds again
And that you remember who I am
So that we can go on adventures and chase the sun
Or go riding horses bare back through the fields
Maybe just hang out and have some good fun

Wait for me in...

Novel Writing Competition 2020

Seashells - Chapter1

Sitting in silence outside the Fern Café, we could feel the tension between ourselves. This would be the last time we would speak for a while and yet I didn't say anything, we just sat. I needed to tell her I was leaving. 

" I'm leaving town for a bit, I can't stay here any more." I said trying to keep cool.
" So you're running, is that it? You think you can run from this?" I could hear her voice  breaking.
"I'm not running May, I just can't be here." I gestured to the small, isolated town we both called home.
" That hole you feel, that pain that something is missing? That will never fade, it will never leave you. You can try to forget but deep down you know it was partly your fault that she was driving that day." May said tears brimming in her dark eyes that held the world.
" I  loved her, I...

Pain of Remembering

Memories are the one thing that can make you laugh, cry or scream.
Most of the time they hit you like a ton of bricks,
they make you feel as if the world is falling apart.
Or they make you remember the good times you had,
 the way you felt one summer day in a field surrounded by wild flowers.
They help us deal with the pain that comes with living,
the more memories we have the more wise we are. 
As we grow old our memories fade,
and when we die is a memory all we become?

Author - Emmy Lou


Whispers of old

Her story begins like most, tragically. She lost the one who was meant to protect her. She went through each day hoping that her life was just one long nightmare, praying that she would wake up in a better place. 
At school, the others called her Bambi. The teacher thought it a compliment to her big, dark eyes; little did the teacher know. It didn’t help that she preferred the voices in her head. Some days you would hear her crying or yelling at them. But no one had asked yet. No one had asked her how she felt. The whole town believed that she was a lost cause.  I’ll admit she was strange, but she didn’t deserve the fate that was harshly thrown upon her. 
As she grew into a young adult, she lost another family member, but when this particular family member was buried, she shed no tears. Why would she cry for the one person who was...