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Published Work

The Drabble

100 word story

The second they set foot in the doorway, the temperature seemed to drop. Many of the windows had been boarded up, and there was mould up the wall and on the roof. There were mysterious stains on the floor. As they turned the corner a door slammed shut, and there was a scurrying on the floor. Taylor had walked on ahead, Nyx was about to follow them when she heard a scream. She ran to look for them, but they were gone. She felt an ominous presence behind her and when she turned to see what it was, she disappeared...

Pandemic Memoir

My 2020

Realising I know nothing about myself.

Setting as Mood

Frosted mourning

It was over, they were gone and there was nothing Nyx could do about it, but she knew that. As the steady rain began to get heavier, a tear streaming down her face, she began to walk away. It was almost peaceful except for the crows cawing, among the large oak trees. It was so cold you could see your breath in front of your face, all the animals were hidden away trying to avoid the frost. It was as if the climate had changed completely in the past few days, it was sort of fitting for the situation.

That Sort of Person

They’re the kind of people...

Quinn is the the sort of person you would find running through a field of sunflowers, in a long flowy dress with a huge smile on her face.

Nyx is the sort of person you would find sat in the corner reading while at a party, but still enjoying herself.

Taylor is the sort of person that would take you out on a joyride at 3am in a shopping trolley while listening to AC/DC.

Alex is the sort of person that would stay up all night talking to you on FaceTime so that you would not lonely.