I am a huge bookworm!
love pasta!
hate orange & chocolate combo..
gemini :)
and if i ever had to choose a power, it 'd be either telepathy or invisibility.
have a nice day!!

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I changed my name to Astrea. she is the greek goddess of stars and well, i love the night sky...

Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice...

"yesterday was history
tomorrow is a mystery
but today is a gift
that's why they call it a present..."
- master oogway, kung fu panda

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The Shining Lanterns


The day before yesterday was Makar Sankranti. The harvest festival. Everyone flew kites and when it was dark, bright orange-yellow lanterns would fill the sky. Of course this was how it was supposed to be...

Even though the new year has started, we have to admit nothing much has changed. We hope that slowly, things are changing and they are. But so slowly...

So this Makar Sankranti, very few flew kites. The young teens, like myself tried in vain as...

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