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It is just a game of Chess Part 2


P.O.V. of character 2(Alastair/Alis)

^I don't know what I should do... Ask him to a coffee casually?
                                                  or Ask him to another game? 

                                                  either way, he could say no...^
"...And thank you Lo-Latinus," I say almost saying Love instead of his name. 

I take his queen, leaving my queen for his bishop

^I'm now sweating by my mistake^

I now await his bishop to my queen and if Latinus will catch on what I almost called him

P.O.V. of character...

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After watching all Harry Potter films


I decided to rewatch Harry Potter again. 

During the films, I thought "Narcissa Malfoy looks a lot like Cruella De Vil" right?
And so I did some digging on google.

 "is Narcissa Malfoy related to Cruella De Vil?" I typed with speed.
            Spelling most correctly.

People also ask... came up and so I went to see if it had any relevance.

Is Narcissa Malfoy Draco's mom? I accidentally clicked, but it turned out to be useful.

Narcissa Malfoy (née...

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A Valentine's Day special


Happy Valentine's Day readers!

I hope you either have a cuddly blanket or your s/o 's hoodie to snuggle with. 
I luckily do have a s/o however due to COVID(we live in different countries), we have to make other plans.

Don't have a s/o? :(
    I wrote this for the unfortunate ones without someone{but don't worry you will find someone soon!}

Roses are red,
Violets are actually purple.

This Valentine's Day says...
You will have someone soon! <3


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PROMPT: Song Writing Competition 2021

I'm just gonna be honest.
                        I'm one who really should- 
            Be sorry.

'Cause I lend you my heart and you broke it in half like nothing big.

It was just a trick.
                        To get over your heartbreak-
            By breaking mine.

    Why did I love you?
        Why did I care?
  Why did I think you loved me back.

I can only cope with this heartbreak-
                    By being...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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