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"I carry my adornments on my soul."
-Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

Published Work

baby blue

i painted my walls
gone are the old shades
playful hues of
grass green and sunshine
i've covered them
with baby blue
there were some nicks
and bumps
crayon marks
and past mistakes
they've scarred over
you'd only notice
if you knew where to look

Letters never sent ~ 4

My pen tells you the things my mouth never could.


Letters never sent ~ 3

Darling your words are as enchanting as you are.

Letters never sent ~ 2

How torturous it is to feel something so deep for someone who barely knows your name.

gone so soon

oh darling sometimes you feel so close
just around the corner of the street
sometimes i see the top of your head
or i swear your hand has brushed mine
but you always fall into the crowd
lost in the mass of bustling people

New Year

wind whisper in my ear
ivory in my hands
pink on my nose
shaky breaths in and out
close my eyes and feel
the snow on my lashes
the tingle of my fingertips
calming silence
fresh wind, won't you bring me
a new beginning?

empty stomach

fake apples and grapes
no more than decorations
i sink my teeth
into the wax
again and again
i turn to the decorations
to satisfy my hunger
but they never quite
tame the beast that is
my empty stomach
an outstretched hand
offers me a fruit
not wax
not plastic
not foam
but real fruit
i cautiously take a bite
and i find myself awestruck
by the flavor
and my hunger
is finally eased

Words can hurt more than bullets

Words can hurt more than bullets
And clearly you know that's true
Because you've all taken your words
And hurt the ones closest to you


I don't dare open my mouth
Because I know what is at stake
But I am so ashamed
To not use the voice I was given

Letters never sent

You talked about your book with such passion that I wanted nothing more than to be the pages you had fallen so deeply in love with.

All the things I'd hope for in you

When I can't sleep
I close my eyes
And think about my future with you
In you I'd hope for
A logical mind
Because my imagination carries me away sometimes
A humorous personality
Because the days get long without a laugh or smile
A desire to commit
Because to me love is not a game, and my heart is not a pawn
A caring heart
Because I need reminders every once in a while of how much you care
But most of all I hope
You'll have a deep love for God
Because He loves you more than you could ever know
I always imagine you with curly dark hair
Tall with a kind smile
But looks don't matter to me
Eye color
They don't matter
You could have blue skin for all I care
What matters to me
Is how our hands will fit perfectly together
How my first name will sound perfect next to your last ...


from the moment i hatched from my egg
i would watch the colorful birds soar
high above the treetops

i wanted so badly to be like those birds
colorful with bold songs and patterns
so i jumped from my nest

but i could not fly with my brown chick fluff
so i fell to the ground as i watched the birds
and i hit the ground hard

my back aching and small wings oh so sore
my mother placed me back in the nest
and i huddled close

a single feather fell into the golden straw
drifting down ever so graciously from above
and i understood

my brown fluff began to fall out in clumps
I shook my wings as i shed more, and more
plucking the loose bits

now my head, wings, and body are all bare
my naked skin left exposed to the world
but I see new growth

everyday my new feathers are more visible
i cannot...

The Archives

welcome to the archives
this is where we store
the most haunting nightmares
to play in her mind

the mind is a dangerous place
especially at night
when her deepest fears
seemingly come to life
right before her eyes

this dream is one of the oldest
she can remember
it's in the far corner of her mind
nightmares don't like light because
you can see how fake they are

her family sits criss-cross applesauce
on the living room rug
they all have a bowl of cheerios
a giant frog springs from the center
and swallows her family up whole

the next dream
is a few cages down
follow me down this path
and always remember
don't wander too close to the bars

her family plays in the backyard
she runs around the house
when she makes it all the way around
her family has been replaced by an anaconda
just before it strikes the dream ends

i must advise...


Your webs of words
Are spun with gold
Lined with stars
So grand and so bold

Enchanting and vague
No fly would be able
No matter how hard it tried
To escape your gilded fable

I am another Spinner
Though I'm not as strong
My webs are plain
And I cannot spin as long

Tangled and messy
My webs are not spun with gold
They are not lined with stars
And they are not grand or bold

I reside in the shadows
Where my webs are seen by few
I don't think they've ever been seen
By Spinners as talented as you

Sometimes I wish
I could watch you work
But I only see the finished product
Because I wait and lurk

If I ever came and tapped your web
You would surely know
You might come and see my webs
But my words I'd rather not show

You would surely see their plainness
You might even take pity

My Friends

I kind of just word vomited this so I apologize for any grammatical or mechanical errors. I was going to edit this, but I think it would be best if I left it in its raw form.

1. Tired smiles, silent laughs, widening your eyes and wiggling your eyebrows after random eye contact, snow, folded paper, faint scars that no longer hurt, too many inside jokes to count, silly poems mean so much more, sighing as she strokes my hair, dark teal, missing homework, headphones playing sad music, knee bounces, emoji hearts, protectiveness, midnight phone calls, ripped jeans, the smell of rosemary. 

2. Smirks, insomnia, old memories of a wooden swing and jumping off the top bunk, appears to be an open book, dirty Vans, throwing her head back when laughing, wants to have a dark aesthetic but loves the color yellow, pretty eyes, awkward hugs, pb&j's, unfinished dreams, plays with my hair and hums, s'more crumbs, broken toys, the...