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Hi all!
I would love to receive your feedback on my pieces and would love to read and review your pieces too.
i love nature-walks and dogs, they are love!
if we are close enough and you know my birthday, please send loads of YA books XD
huffledor always <3
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ruined mechanism of my head


bedridden, empty notepad,
hardly any civil page left in it,
white beauties now ink smeared
are lying crumpled on the terracotta marble.
my brain is hanging, the window isn't
receiving my texts, my feelings aren't
getting slammed on its plain surface,
I am feeling cold inside-out.
the window is staring, a blue petticoat
hanging on its sidesĀ and half of its body is
dipped in honey-yellow, thanks to the street lights
outside my house, it is flaunting its beauty.

my head...
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