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Little Love

How come you never understand
This pain that swallows me up?
Demons that feast on this trauma and pain of mine.

I've told you this many times little love
Please listen to me.

I know I may be confusing little love

And so many more

But is it so much to ask for you to lend an ear?

I understand our history -- but little love

I write my heart out in little spaces,
The ones you shoot your daggers towards
It's foolish, isn't it? 
To pour my heart out using a limited amount of characters.

These tears can't seem to stop little love
How come you're the one who causes them?

Kiss me goodnight; love me in spite
Is it too much to ask for your love?
As freezing as ice, but as warm as the summer heat;
make up your mind.

You pull my heart in one direction little love
But you proceed...