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better days

PROMPT: Speechwriting Competition 2020

(25) better days 
There will always be better days. 
So, today isn’t great. Today is a day of loneliness in cold rooms that are too big, a void in your chest where something warm and beating and alive is meant to be. So, today makes you feel disgusting. Maybe it’s the way your nails are that bit too long. Maybe it’s the way your jeans feel, tight around the thighs, your waist, and then too loose at the hip. Maybe...

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in which part two

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2020

 “I mean, we can work our way back up, right?” Todolix tried lightly. “And, we can hide it from your parents ‘til we find someone they trust on our side.” 

 Her best friend ignored her. Again. For the nth time. 

One hand was wedged halfway into her armpit, her arm resting on her chest. Todolix remembered a YouTube vid she had once watched on body language. Ah, the knowledge acquired in the sleepless throes of 3AM. Cappe appeared to be self-soothing.  

People self-soothe when they’re unhappy or distressed. It’s a coping mechanism most people don’t realise they practice, to calm oneself down,...

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