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Chapter Two of Final Breath

He hopped into his car that was parked, alongside the road, right in front of our house. I joined him and watched as he pulled the key out of his pocket and put it in the ignition. The car came to life with a loud roar. The engine purring just like a big cat.
    "Okay," he said as he pulled onto the road. "Any ideas on where we can go?"
    I stopped to think for a moment. Anywhere we go would lead to death unless we went to a place without oxygen, but then we couldn't breath. No matter where we went, we ended up dying.
    I shook my head at him. I truly had no idea where we could go.

    We have been driving for a while now. Out here the air was fresh, with no hint of toxic gas. We out ran it for now, but it wouldn't be long...

Chapter One of Final Breath

"That's it. That's the last piece." The man was standing over this type of machine. It was big and had so many parts. I had no idea how catastrophic this machine would later become.
    "Good. I'll tell the boss."
    We watched over the two men. The first one kept inspecting the machine, while the second one walked away.
    "What is that?" I asked. My mind filled with all the possibilities.
    "It's trouble."
    The first man finished his inspection and gave himself a hug.
    "Oh you beautiful genius. Your name shall go down in history as the mastermind that ended the world. Although there won't be a world left.... but who cares." He shrugged and walked the same way as the second man.
    "You need to go home. I'll try to figure out what this thing is and try to destroy it."
    "No," I said,...


Final Breath

We watched in unison as the timer stopped. The complex machine released the gas. At first, nothing changed. But it wasn't long before the people around us started gasping for air. I thought it was just a toxic gas, but I would soon find out that it was so much more.
    "Come on, we have to go!" He looked at me with scared eyes.
    I just continued to stare at him, completely oblivious to this whole situation. He grabbed me by the arm and started running.
    "Where are we going?" I had to yell to be loud enough for him to hear me with all the screaming and choking all around us. "We have no where to go." His steps faltered for a fraction of a second, but he quickly recovered.
    "I don't know yet. We will find out."
    "This is our home. If we wait it out then the...

Why I Write

I Write......

I write to show the world my experiences.

I write to show people they are not alone.

I write to connect with others.

I write to let out my feelings.

I write because no one can tell me how.

I write for me.

I write to help myself.

I write to confirm my feelings.

I write to comfort myself.


I write, to write.

Fall in Love, Get Your Heart Broken, Repeat

Fall in love
Get your heart broken

A new love
Another broken heart

A new heart
Another tear

A new chance
Another disappointment

More loves
More heartbreaks

Life is full of circles
It's like your life is put on rewind
Something happens
It repeats
Again and gain and again
A never ending loop
When you think you might be out
It ends up pulling you back in


Endless loves
Endless tragedies
Endless loops

Repeating over and over again

Until death releases you...

It's Too Late Now

She loved him first.

He thought he was in love with another.

She knew he was the one. 

He was still debating.

She loved him at first glance.

He hadn’t decided.

She was under his spell.

He was trying to undo it.

She felt pulled to him.

He felt repelled by her.

Until she started to fall for another.

He knew he messed up.

She stopped smiling at him. 

He started to smile at her.

She thought she was better off without him.

He knew he didn’t want to loose her.

She got her happy ending.

He did not.

She was right on time.

He was too late.

She has someone’s heart.

His was left to brake.

Birth, Death ~ A Burden, A Relief

Birth is not always a blessing
It is also a curse
Life can be a disappointment

Death is not always a tragedy
It is also a 
A burden finally lifted

Birth, Death ~ A Burden, A Relief

Birth is not always a blessing
It is also a curse
Life can be a disappointment

Death is not always a tragedy
It is also a 
A burden finally lifted


The first time she saw him,
She knew he was special.

She took the first step,
The step of friendship.

They talked every night,
about all the ups and downs in life.

She thought she loved him...

He would always turn her away in the end,
Leaving her to drown in the sorrows he created.

Then one day,
He finally wanted her.

But by that time,
It was too late.

She saw what he was really like,
And she let him go.

He had his chances,
But now it's too late.

She often asks herself,
Was that true love?

Or just a simple trick yet again.

She may never know.

But in the end,
She was happy he didn't choose her.

because she no longer wanted to choose him.