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A Dream to Remember


You managed the "two Clovises, one is unseen" thing very smoothly. That was impressive. It was always clear which Clovis was speaking/acting. But what happened to the successful Clovis, the one who was talking to Alphard? Anyway, here's my overall impression: Clovis is intriguing, intelligent, calculating. He's a man of reason and simplicity and logic. He's cool and collected and handles the situation pretty well. Discovering he has a doppelganger doesn't faze him much. However, I also felt pretty confused through a lot of this. How are there three Clovises? (Where is the third one, anyway? The guy on the left side with wilted hair and sunken eyes?) Where did the other Clovises come from? Where did the successful Clovis go? What's up with that ARTICLE? I do believe that leaving the reader with burning questions is a great feat—and you definitely did that! But there are a few that I think need to be made clearer—unless you're holding back for a reason. But remember: these are only suggestions! Don't let my overtalkative, tired, grammar-loving self alter any of the fundamentals or messages you hope to convey in this story. ;) I hope this didn't come across too harsh or critical. I really am intrigued by this idea, and it leaves so much room for character development as Clovis looks at his more successful self. In fact, Clovis' character arc could be incredibly complex if you wanted. Best wishes, and good luck!

5 months

No Time like the Present

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2020

Did I say it all yet? I can't think of anything that needs cutting or changing, honestly. If you're looking to whittle down the word count, well... that might be hard, because every word feels integral and powerful.

5 months

In the Midst of the Storm

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2020

I need to know more about Charlie! Will his aunt let him go back? Who is he really? I'm also very curious about the other crew members. Eccentric and varied? Gruff? Fanciful? Are there any female crew members? Are you going to continue this and publish more of it? Anyway, I'm eager for more of Charlie and his aunt. And remember, you are a writer. If you want to be called one. (Not everyone does.) And everything I've said are only suggestions that should never alter your story beyond what you imagined it to be. :)

5 months


PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2020

I want to repeat this: Keep writing because you have a gift for making stories flow and words sing. Also, I'm curious about Harry! He sounds so interesting and steady and dependable and normal and genuine. And remember, these are only suggestions that are from one person's perspective that should never alter the fundamentals of your story or what you hope to accomplish/say. Best of luck!

5 months

The Newly Found Princess Orion (Excerpt)

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2020

I'm also intrigued by Amelia and her story. What's she hiding? Her three kids also will prove important, I'm sure. Liam and Melina especially interest me. Keep at it! I love the intrigue and drama!

5 months

Raphael and Maya


I think you did so well in conveying the conflicting emotions that we humans have. Like you said in your footnotes, I can feel, not just see, how Raphael and Maya want to be friends again, how much they miss and need each other, but also how furious and hurt they both are. In my opinion, stirring emotion in a reader is one of the most important things that writing can do, especially fiction. It can be any emotion. In this case, it was the agony, the anguish, the visceral pain, the hurt, the sorrow, the longing, the regret, the frustration. You made it REAL. And that, I believe, is a noble achievement. You focused on emotion and made me FEEL it. Keep writing, please. The world needs words as powerful as these.

6 months

On the High Seas

PROMPT: Novel Writing Competition 2020

Overall, I actually am in love with this story. I'm glad it's a piece that I really do have interest in, because it would have been much harder to review something that didn't intrigue me. But this genre, this style, and just the pirate-y element drew me in. One question: is this set in the "real world," an alternate world but without magic, or an alternate world with magic? And what time period are you imagining? I'm not fantastic with titles either... sorry. I'll think about it, though, and let you know if I come up with anything!

6 months

Dear Me


Again, I'd love to see this as a series, perhaps progressing as you age? Maybe a series of poems that slowly close the gap between the "me" in the poem to present-day. It would be interesting to see a "Dear Me" poem written to your past self six-eight months ago, whenever COVID-19 was impacting you the most. (My prayers and hope for you in this matter. I'm sorry if this is a sensitive topic for you; I intend no offense.)

7 months